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EUROGOMMA is a manufacturer of polyurethane screens, including modular polyurethane screens and modular polyurethane screening panels, tensioned polyurethane screens and many other polyurethane screening products, with applications in mining, sand and gravel, and aggregate-ore processing.

The company specialises in the production of wear-resistant screens, as well as engineering innovative and versatile fastening methods for modular and tensioned screening systems.

The unique polyurethane tensioned screens with Superflow apertures allow users to maximise screening efficiency in every situation. EUROGOMMA engineering and production methods are flexible and use cutting-edge technology to offer the most competitive solutions to customers worldwide.

Urethane screens for ore and aggregate processing

EUROGOMMA engineers and manufactures customised polyurethane screens, fitting all the wear-resistance and screening requirements that customers require worldwide.

The company’s engineering and production department uses sophisticated CAD software to transform ideas and information into reality.

GET flexy high-efficiency, non-blinding screening system

EUROGOMMA’s constant research into improvement of screening performances has led to the creation of GET flexy.

GET flexy is the new dimension of screening. The elastic effect of the polyurethane flexible screen panels solve pegging and screen blinding problems by improving the screening efficiency to incredible performance.

With GET flexy, it is now possible to provide conventional screen decks of double productivity or larger.

GET flexy is the polyurethane elastic screening system retrofitting every existing screen deck to transform it into a high-efficiency technology.

Fine screening polyurethane panels

EUROGOMMA’s fine screening polyurethane screen panels are ideal for the classification of abrasive sand.

Thanks to the superior quality of the company’s polyurethane, all of its screen cloths are wear and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, the polyurethane screen panels have no usage limit and guarantee successful performance in every application, whether oil, mining, waste management.

EUROGOMMA’s fine screening polyurethane panels are used in trash screens for mineral processing, stack sizers, repulp screens and slurry dewatering screens.

EURO-PS: modular polyurethane screens

EURO-PS polyurethane screen panels come in the standard dimensions of 305mm x 305mm and 300mm x 300mm. EUROGOMMA screening modules are available in any thickness, from a minimum of 30mm upwards, and are suitable for gross, medium and fine screening.

EURO-PS screen panels are supplied together with EUROGOMMA’s ‘lock-out’ fasteners, which are characterised by the unique technique of installing and removing the screen panels from the top of the deck.

Flip flop polyurethane screens

Thanks to the superior quality of EURGOMMA’s polyurethane material, the company manufactures reliable flip flop polyurethane screen panels. Flip flop screening panels are subjected to continuous stress, which is why the quality of polyurethane is crucial for this application.

EUROGOMMA’s screen mats have been successfully installed in equipment that processes coal, coke, compost, wood chips, gravel, hard rock and many more.

Elastic polyurethane screens

A fundamental stage of EUROGOMMA’s rapid development has been the adoption of polyurethane in place of rubber, as well as the invention of ‘SUPERELASTIC’ polyurethane.

This revolutionary polyurethane, which has the technical name 6020/SE, offers excellent working performances not just in abrasion but in screening elasticity and impact-resistance too.

Screen panels for vibrating, trommel and dewatering screens

EUROGOMMA offers customers a large range of screening products, including:

  • Elastic polyurethane tensioned screens
  • Polyurethane modular screens
  • Self-cleaning polyurethane tensioned screens
  • Polyurethane trommel screens
  • Customised polyurethane screens

Red natural rubber rolls for wear lining applications

EUROGOMMA red natural rubber rolls have been installed in several operations to protect machines from wear and abrasion. The rolls are available in standard sizes of 1.4m x 10m, in thicknesses of 2mm to 50mm. Smooth, fabric, buffy and, rough finishings are available, to suit various installation requirements.

The high quality of EUROGOMMA red natural rubber rolls has convinced clients to choose EUROGOMMA products over other well-established brands.

Polyurethane liners and wear parts

EUROGOMMA manufactures an extensive range of polyurethane liners and wear parts for mining, industrial and chemical plants.


EUROGOMMA is a group of companies consisting of:

  • Eurogomma di Annoni Luciano: Head company and main factory
  • Eurogomma Russia LLC: Factory and representative for the Russian and former Soviet market
  • Eurogomma Latino America SAC: Sale representative for Latin America
  • Eurogomma West Africa LLC: Sale representative for the West African market

Eurogomma has representatives, distributors and resellers all over the world to serve clients as best as possible.

Almost 40 years of experience in the industrial and mining field, and high-quality products demonstrated and controlled by European Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, means that EUROGOMMA has the necessary capabilities to solve any screening or wear problem with mineral and aggregate processing.

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Press Release

EUROGOMMA in Australia

Stewart Fernandez and his company, Australian Mining Products and Services Pty Limited, are now representing the Eurogomma group all over the territory of Australia and New Zealand.

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Polyurethane Tensioned Screens from EUROGOMMA

EUROGOMMA supplies polyurethane tensioned screens that offer high-performance and wear-resistance.




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Press Release

5 October 2018

Stewart Fernandez and his company, Australian Mining Products and Services Pty Limited, are now representing the Eurogomma group all over the territory of Australia and New Zealand.

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3 September 2018

The Eurogomma group has reached the important industrial target of starting manufacturing its unique screening system GET flexy at its Russian factory.

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1 August 2018

Eurogomma is a dynamic manufacturer where new ideas are directly translated into new products, thanks to a flexible CAD/CAM manufacturing system.

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3 July 2018

Eurogomma’s patented screening system GET flexy has been given another proof of its value at one of the Mirny diamond mines of Alrosa, the world leader in diamond mining.

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5 June 2018

Rubber self-supporting screen panels are a typical product for primary screening.

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5 April 2018

EURO-PS wavy top polyurethane screen panels are an invention and unique product of EUROGOMMA.

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1 March 2018

When we presented GET flexy to our clientele, we did expect a lively interest in the product but we had no idea so many users were in an actual emergency in terms of lack of performance with their screens.

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2 February 2018

Our boomerang and peanut-shaped apertures have been offering the solution to the problem since 2011 up to now with great satisfaction of us and of the client.

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4 January 2018

EUROGOMMA and our distributor for the Iranian market, the company Parnian Sanat Atlas have worked at a new project for iron pellet screening in a plant of the biggest steel producer in the Middle East and Northern Africa and the biggest DRI producer in the World.

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30 November 2017

Flip flow screens have been taking more and more market portions in the last decade and users are typically very happy with the performance offered by this technology.

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8 November 2017

Another success in gold ore screening in West Africa at Perseus Gold Mining, thanks to our SUPA TOUGH BOY and TOUGH BOY screening panels.

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22 August 2017

Eurogomma is happy to offer our clientele a new rubber lining product.

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9 July 2017

As a manufacturer targeting the mining and aggregate fields, it was quite a curious case for Eurogomma to be called into a project to classify live whelk shells.

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6 June 2017

EUROGOMMA introduces a new polyurethane screen panel with its PURFil screen mesh for gold mining applications.

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5 April 2017

Eurogomma is happy to present to our friends, clients and followers the new version of its company website,

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8 August 2016

Continuing the company's expansion in Russia, Eurogomma is proud to announce the opening of a new production site and stocking warehouse with office facilities in Chelyabinsk, in the Ural region.

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11 February 2016

Eurogomma is happy to launch the website about one of the most innovative screening media of modern technology.

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16 September 2015

GET flexy is the patent pending screening technology transforming polyurethane screen deck into a high-efficiency screening technology.

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18 August 2015

GET flexy is a unique polyurethane screening system, which offers high-efficiency performance in the most difficult applications.

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16 April 2015

Eurogomma has gained great success in Austria with its flip-flop screening equipment.

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22 December 2014

After the recent launch of its new high-efficiency polyurethane screening system GET Flexy, Eurogomma is happy to announce a significant installation at its client site, Rockwell Diamonds Inc in South Africa.

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18 December 2014

Eurogomma's GET Flexy polyurethane elastic screening system can be retrofitted into any existing screen deck to transform it into high-efficiency piece of technology.

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