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Flexco - Conveyor Belt Splicing and Maintenance for Mining Operations

Flexco® manufactures mechanical belt fasteners, belt cleaning products and tools for the mining industry. The company is a world leader in maximising belt conveyor productivity and its products set the industry's highest standards for design, ease of installation, and reliability.

Mining operations around the world turn to Flexco for belt conveyor solutions that help maximise uptime, productivity, and safety. Flexco takes a holistic approach to belt conveyor systems, recognising each system as a whole and working to address challenges and develop solutions.

Mechanical fasteners for underground, sand, gravel and hard rock mining

For underground mining applications, Flexco SR™ rivet hinged fasteners are durable, long lasting, and simple to install on-site. This hinged mechanical fastener has self-setting rivets and features a scalloped-edged, low profile design that provides compatibility with cleaners and other conveyor accessories.

For sand and gravel, hard rock mining and cement, the Flexco BR™ rivet solid plate fastening system is the preferred choice for the mining industry. These fasteners are recognized for their wear and longevity, as well as a smooth coin-edge profile that also promotes compatibility.

Both the SR and BR fasteners feature multi-point rivet attachments that pass between the belt's carcass fibers to ensure maximum grip without damaging the carcass. Additionally, because a mechanical splice is visible, any wear or deterioration is immediately apparent. Replacement or repairs can be scheduled during brief periods of downtime or at the end of a shift.

Belt maintenance products for the mining industry

Even the most routine belt maintenance carries the risk of injury for mine site staff. Flexco has developed an exclusive line of tools with built-in safety features to protect against such injuries. The Flex-Lifter™ conveyor belt lifter allows operators to safely lift a tensioned belt high enough to provide sufficient room for repairs, while Far-Pul® HD® belt clamps securely grip the belt to keep it from moving during the splicing process.

Flexco encourages skiving of the belt for cleaner-fastener compatibility and offers the lightweight, portable FSK™ belt skiver to ensure accurate cutting depths with an enclosed blade. Flexco also offers manual belt cutters, the 900 series and 840 series aluminium range, as well as EBC1 and EBC 2 electric belt cutters.

Belt conveyor cleaners

Cleaning is essential to ensuring your beltline runs smoothly. Over time carryback can create serious problems for your conveyor system, including mistracking, accelerated belt wear, and the seizing of return idlers. Flexco offers a wide variety of belt cleaning systems that can remove even the toughest, stickiest material. Our systems are specially designed to minimize belt wear and interface seamlessly with mechanical fasteners.

The Mineline® MMP mine-duty precleaner is just one of many cleaner offerings from Flexco. It features a visual tension check and a TuffShear™ blade. The Mineline® MHS secondary cleaner with Service Advantage Cartridge™ boasts patented PowerFlex™ cushions which maintain optimal belt contact, and when combined with the tensioners, create four points of relief for maximum belt compatibility.

Load-point products to improve throughput

Flexco offers high-quality skirt clamp systems to keep material flowing safely. These systems create an effective seal at load points without damaging the top cover of your belt. The Flex-Seal™ skirting system is constructed with sturdy, corrosion-resistant components that deliver long service life. Easy to install and maintain, Flexco skirt clamps are a smart way to improve throughput.

When it comes to load zones, Flexco impact beds deliver the highest level of material containment and belt protection. DRX™ impact beds are specially designed to control acceleration, deaden impact energy, reduce damaging vibrations, and extend belt life.

Pulley lagging and belt trackers

When belt slippage is a problem, Flexco offers pulley lagging solutions. Flex-Lag® ceramic pulley lagging has 80% tile coverage and features the highest co-efficient of friction available in lagging materials - two to three times the friction of rubber in wet, muddy, or dry conditions.

Even the slightest movement or change in the conveyor can throw a belt off track. Misalignment of rollers or pulleys, an incorrect splice and material build up are just a few things that can get a mining operation's belt off track. Flexco offers the PT Max™ belt trainer to help combat belt mistracking. A unique 'pivot and tilt' action delivers superior belt training performance, which makes it easy to keep even the most troublesome belts on track. The PT Max is also available for return side belting.

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Durable, long-lasting Flexco® SR rivet hinged fasteners are recommended for belt thicknesses from 3-25 mm (1/8in-1in).
Available in two sizes, Flexco electric belt cutters easily cut all types of belting, from the softest of natural rubbers to the hardest constructed solid woven PVC and fabric-plied belts.
Flexco cleaners are designed to work in a variety of different applications – decreasing carryback and improving belt conveyor performance.
Flex-Lag® installation saves time because it doesn’t require the removal of the pulley from the conveyor system. It installs easily on-site.
Sensor rollers on the PT Max™ belt trainer detect wander before pivoting and tilting the belt into place.
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