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Conveyor Equipment for the Mining Industry

For more than 36 years, West River Conveyors has been providing quality, long-lasting conveyor products to its customers while remaining focused on delivering exceptional customer service. Family-owned and operated since the beginning, West River has always been focused on delivering for its customers. Their pledge is to exceed customer expectations by building strong, long-lasting conveyors that meet, and often exceed, the highest industry standards.

More than 100,000ft² of manufacturing space and 50 acres allows West River to manufacture, warehouse and store all products onsite. The company builds entire terminal group packages, including belt drives, take-up units, power packs, tail sections, starters, winches, discharge / transfer stations and other unique fabrications for the mining industry.

Most recently, West River has added competitive pricing on structure and belt to their packages.

Custom conveyor packages and fabrications

By using Overland Conveyor software, West River has the ability to custom-design conveyor packages, including unique fabrications to fit your application.

The company's products can be built to accommodate any belt size or required horsepower. The company's experienced technicians, engineers, sales and service representatives design and manufacture conveyor packages that work for each individual operation with no under-design issues.

Over the years, West River has expanded its manufacturing business to include buying and selling of used conveyor parts and speed reducers. In fact, West River is one of a few companies worldwide who specialize in replacement parts for gearboxes.

Tailor-made belt drive systems

West River has become a leader in custom-built, custom-engineered belt drives and complete conveyor packages. Its products are made from carefully selected, industry leading materials and constructed to provide a strong, rigid, mine-duty frame that doesn't distort during installation or use.

The company uses heavy-duty steel to provide products that withstand the most demanding underground and above-ground bulk material operations.

West River builds belt drives, take-up units, electric and hydraulic winches, belt storage units, hydraulic power packs, tail sections, discharge / transfer stations, belt starters, and more. These items can be supplied in a single, comprehensive package or purchased separately.

Quality assurance

West River quality policy ensures it understands individual contributions to its quality management system to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Through this quality policy, continuous improvement and the company's quality management system, West River continues to deliver the highest quality products to its customers.

New and replacement conveyor parts

In addition to building new conveyor terminal groups, West River stocks an inventory of new conveyor components, including pulleys, motors, fluid couplings, grid couplings, backstop, and reducers.

The company features more than 30,000ft² of warehouse space, which is fully stocked with items ready to sell.
If you're looking to purchase a new conveyor pulley, West River's staff can help design a pulley that will work perfectly with your conveyor equipment.

West River also stocks an inventory of surplus new and used conveyor parts, including everything from speed reducers to sprockets to chains and belts.

Discharge / transfer stations for underground mining

West River has built many different styles of remote discharges and transfer stations. Remote Discharges are designed to transfer materials to the conveyor belt.

The company's heavy-duty structural steel design can accommodate many options including belt cleaner mounting provisions, floor mount or roof mount design, engineered pulley design to, customer specifications, adjustable or fixed boom and much more.

Custom fabrications and special design

West River can construct conveyor equipment to accommodate any unique application. They have built a variety of special-designed items for different industries to assist in their material handling needs.

Belt storage units, take-up units and winches

West River builds belt storage units that can be configured for any above-ground or underground mining operation.

They are available in any belt width and allow for multiple belt storage capacities from 40ft to 50ft up to 400ft to 800ft and larger.

Constant tension winches, when used with a belt storage unit or take-up unit, are able to control belt tension, West River can design storage unit and take-up unit configurations to suit your exact needs or preferences.

Conveyor belts and structure

West River Conveyors offers both belt and structure to its customers.

West River has partnered with Rema Tip-Top / Cobra America to offer competitively-priced underground and above-ground belt alongside its conveyor systems. Structure is offered from West River Conveyors in both floor and roof-mount designs in a variety of sizes and angles to meet Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) standards for load ratings, safety and durability.

Inclusion of belt and structure creates a pain-free purchasing experience for customers, supplying the entire conveyor package under one roof.

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