West River take-up units are designed with a variety of options, including cylinder selection and travel length / belt storage features, featuring their heavy-duty rigid frames able to withstand the most rugged applications.

The 20/40 hydraulic take-up unit is the most common but West River experts often recommend lengths based on customer needs. Take-up units are useful for extending the life of a conveyor belt, assisting in smooth start-up by decreasing slippage and offering a useful belt storage feature that allows for ease of belt splicing, if needed.

Constant tension winches are used in many take-up units as an alternative to cylinder designed take-ups. Constant tension winches provide a faster response and longer take-up travel which, in some cases, makes it a more attractive option than the traditional cylinder feature.

Power packs are the motive source of any size take-up unit. West River carries a variety of hydraulic power packs for use with their take-up units. West River has power packs in stock for a number of different take-up unit sizes with standard t-frame motors, including 5HP, 7.5HP and 20HP. The company has successfully manufactured custom power packs for different take-up unit styles and sizes.