Super-Screw by WA Belting Solutions is the ultimate join for every rubber and solid woven PVC belt on the market. It is the perfect, most flexible and easy-fitting conveyor belt joiner. The screwing system allows Super-Screw to be installed regardless of the configuration of the conveyor belt, access conditions or the weather.

The Super-Screw significantly reduces downtime. It can bear service tensions up to 200N/mm (belt breaking strength up to 2,000N/mm).

Heavy-duty belts
Fasteners made of composite material with self-tapping screws are used. They can also be used to repair holes and rips.

Reinforced rubber of various conveyor qualities, including wear-resistant, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, fire-resistant, white FDA, and rubber with textile on the bottom.

The belts are installed using an electric screwdriver or a hand brace, or a pneumatic screwdriver.

The requested belt width is packaged in pieces or in rolls up to 25m (82ft).

WA Belting offers a range of accessory products that can be used both on rubber fabric, solid woven and steel cord conveyor belts.

The screwdriver, PZ 2 or PZ3 screwdriver bit, magnetic bit holder, are available for the below options:

belt options

Watch the company video to see a demonstration of how the Super-Screw is stronger than a belt splice.