trough idlers

WA Belting Solutions is a stockist and distributor of trough idlers, rollers and frames. The company provides customers with quality products that meet all Australian standards and are manufactured to be directly interchangeable with other recognised manufacturers brands, all at extremely competitive prices. WA Belting idlers, rollers and frames are widely used in collieries, quarries, timber mills, gold mines, iron ore plants and bulk material handling facilities.

WA Belting’s range of conveyor idlers, rollers and frames is constantly being developed to meet customer’s increasing demands and to reflect market trends.

The company’s standard stock range of conveyor idlers, rollers and conveyor frames includes:

  • Three-roller offset, inline and transition trough sets
  • Five-roller offset trough sets
  • Two- roller inline trough sets
  • One-roller flat carry idler sets
  • Three-roller impact trough sets
  • Four and five-roller impact trough sets
  • Ten-roller retractable impact trough sets
  • One-roller flat carry impact sets
  • Cantilever trough rollers
  • Side wing rollers
  • Retractable standard trough and impact trough sets
  • Picking idler sets
  • Garland suspended trough and impact idler sets
  • Rubber disc return idler rollers
  • One and two flat carry impact rollers
  • Three-roller trough training idler sets
  • Three and four-roller trough training sets
  • One and two-roller flat return training sets
  • Side guide rollers and brackets
  • Return rollers and brackets
  • Flat return impact rollers and brackets
  • Self training return idlers
  • Two-roller v return sets
  • Weigh trough roller sets
  • Free standing garland, suspended and fixed trough conveyor structure