The SPECTRAL LIBS Chemical sensor engine is a highly flexible and versatile LIBS-based chemical sensing system for the R&D engineer user, that requires maximum functionality for a low price.

The engine can be positioned in any orientation with respect to the sample. This allows users to measure solid samples and powders, but also on flowing gases or streams of fluids.

SPECTRAL’s software enables users to set all required measurement parameters and perform automated measurements. The recorded LIBS spectra can be processed in any type of analysis software and simple analysis steps can already be performed in our software.

The SPECTRAL LIBS engine is composed of these components:

• IRIS DUV Echelle spectrometer unit, including optical fiber
• Pulse Laser (20 Hz rep rate, pulse energy 120 mJ, duration 5 ns)
• Optical Head (laser focusing & signal collection opto-mechanical unit).
• Pulse Delay Generator (PDG) for gated LIBS measurements.
• PC incl. MS Windows 10 and SPECTRAL software pre-installed.
• LIBS Software for operating all hardware components enabling LIBS measurements.
• OPTION: XYZ motorized translation stage for sample scanning, integrated in our software

Please contact us to find out how we can configure the ideal LIBS engine for you, since items can be left out or replaced by other items upon request.