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PPE Technologies

Integrated Electrical Engineering Solutions for Mining

PO Box 3357,
Nelspruit 1200,
South Africa

Power Plant Electrical Technologies (PPE Technologies) provides integrated electrical engineering services, focused on supplying high technology systems and solutions, to the mining industry. The company exclusively works in sub-Saharan Africa, including all southern and central African Countries, and selected west African Countries

Electrical installation and fitment, on-site maintenance and turnkey project services

PPE has several business divisions including an engineering department for electrical and instrumentation design and commissioning services, an installation services department for on-site maintenance works and installation works, a project department for providing turnkey project services on an EPC and EMCM basis, and an electrical fitment shop facility providing motor control centres, power distribution boards, PLC and DCS panels, and a wide range of electrical and instrumentation solutions.

Earthing, lightning and surge protection for mine sites

PPE provides earthing, lightning and surge protection investigations for mine sites. We identify lightning protection zones using risk assessments and soil resistivity (Wenner method). We can then design and install earth electrodes, earth networks, equipotentialisation of earthing networks, and install surge, transient and lightning protection equipment.

Electrical reticulation and substation protection systems

We provide audits, testing, settings and grading for electrical reticulation and substation protection systems. These include the following:

  • Injection testing on relays, one and three-phase secondary injection testing
  • Assessment of existing relays settings and rectifications
  • Engineering solutions on challenging relay setup, marshalling and application
  • Full reticulation assessments and designs
  • Testing of PFC units and independent capacitors
  • Testing of CT and VT units
  • Circuit breaker / contactor resistance tests
  • Circuit breaker open / close speed tests
  • Extensive knowledge on all well-known protection relays

EPC and EPCM for turnkey project

Construction contracting trends have been leaning towards the EPCM style of contracting and away from the EPC contracting for several reasons, but both have their place in business today.

Our engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services include:

  • One-stop shopping (one point of contact)
  • Hands-off approach to project
  • Minimal staffing requirements
  • Minimal legal risk
  • Best for well-defined projects
  • Detailed engineering before contractor selected
  • Minimal unknowns

Our engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services include:

  • Lower overall costs
  • Staff’s sense of ownership
  • More control over process
  • Better for less defined projects
  • Normally anticipated changes to scope of supply
  • Less legal litigation
  • issues identified early
  • Situation resolved before it becomes a larger problem
  • Owners financing flexibility

Electrical and instrumentation installation

Our installation services department provides a comprehensive on-site construction and installation solution, from small retrofits and modifications to existing installations, to entirely new plants. Our installation teams are geared for operating in heavy industrial environment working for corporate groups, with high expectations in safety, quality and service.

To ensure a consistent quality of performance our site supervisor performance is built on four key pillars of management, namely the planning, leading, organisation and control of site works and site teams. Through clearly defining the scope of services required and having the implementation strategy for each installation, we ensure that the site teams and their supporting managers are focused on the same mission, with common goals and objectives for every undertaking.

We focus on planning, leading, organising and controlling our site works and ensure that key performance is clearly mapped to achieve end user satisfaction.

Power distribution load centres, motor control centres and control system solutions

The PPE Technologies panel fitment centre is geared for power distribution equipment up to 4,000A. Our service is geared to the manufacture of electrical, control and instrumentation control panels and enclosure to your requirement.

This includes on-site panel modifications achieved with the use of a portable bus bar press system in skilled and experienced hands.

PPE sales and marketing business unit

PPE’s product sales and marketing division offers skilled product consultants and several select high-quality product brand portfolios to ensure we continually offer reliable solutions with great after-sales service support.

This business unit complements our project and installations divisions capabilities with reliable after project product service and support, ensuring that customer product purchasing and warranty issues are handled from a single service entry point.

Through our selection of premium products, we offer standalone (brown box) products sales or as complete turnkey solutions with the support from our engineering and installation divisions.

Our sales and marketing team are dedicated and determined in offering high-quality products at the best possible price for reputable brands with constituently reliable service and support.

Energy Efficiency Services

PPE Technologies is a registered energy services company (ESCO) and is on the Eskom demand side management (DSM) database. As such, the company provides energy efficiency assessments and solutions and supports customers with obtaining Eskom DSM funding for their energy efficiency projects.

EPC and EPCM for Turnkey Project

Construction contracting trends have been leaning towards the EPCM style of contracting and away from the EPC contracting for several reasons, but both have their place in business today.

Sales and Marketing Business Unit

PPE Technologies product sales and marketing division offers skilled product consultants and several high-quality product brand portfolios to continually offer reliable solutions with great after-sales service support.

PPE Technologies: SHERQ Report

From the interim PPE Technologies approach was to utilise ISO 9001: 2008 as an 'umbrella standard', which encompasses all overlapping requirements of the three appropriate management systems standards. To read the full SHERQ report, download the free paper.

PPE Technologies Company Newsletter

PPE Technologies has released a customer newsletter with information such as its achievement of several levels of certification. Download the free newsletter to read the full company updates.

PPE Technologies Flash Report

Based on our STOP, THINK and PLAN initiative, customer perception of PPE Technologies, internal audits and existing data packs we retraced our steps.

PPE Technologies Newsletter

PPE Technologies July newsletter. To read the PDF newsletter in full, please download it here for free.

Asanko Gold Mine

Asanko Gold Mine, situated in Ghana, one of the top ten gold producing countries, is Asanko Gold's flagship project.

Mpokoto Gold Project, Katanga Province

The Mpokoto gold project is located approximately 250km west of the mining town of Kolwezi, within the Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, and approximately 25km from the Zambian border.

PPE Technologies

PO Box 3357

Nelspruit 1200

South Africa