PPE Technologies provides earthing, lightning and surge protection investigations for mine sites.

PPE identifies lightning protection zones using risk assessments and soil resistivity (Wenner method). The company then designs and installs earth electrodes, earth networks, equipotentialisation of earthing networks, and installs surge, transient and lightning protection equipment.

The company claims:

  • PPE Technologies lightning protection systems can be independently verified by a third party certifier as meeting the installation requirements of UL/NFPA and IEC/SANS 62305, or other published standards for LPS
  • Installed products comply with nationally and internationally recognised installation standards for lightning protection systems
  • A Master Label Certificate from a third party inspection authority
  • Help reduce insurance premiums for lightning damage, especially in regions where there is a documented high occurrence of lightning activity
  • Specify listed components and materials best suited for the features and design of the structure

Electrical reticulation and substation protection systems

PPE Technologies has in-house expertise in the design, installation and commissioning of high, medium and low-voltage electrical reticulation systems, switchboards and protection schemes.

This includes electrical fault-level determination, protection relay setting calculation and grading and ring reticulation design and operation. PPE Technologies has in-house computer software for system modelling and analysis and equipment for measurement, testing or faulty location as and when required.

The company’s engineers have designed and installed many medium-voltage reticulation systems in several industries with integrated system models, load flow studies and protection grading design in meshed network installations rated in excess of 100MW. This service includes co-generation facilities and assessment of power flows and fault contributions for islanded plant, utility supply and co-generation (parallel operation) configurations.

PPE provides audits, testing, settings and grading for electrical reticulation and substation protection systems. These include the following:

  • Injection testing on relays, one and three-phase secondary injection testing
  • Assessment of existing relays settings and rectifications
  • Engineering solutions on challenging relay set-up, marshalling and application
  • Full reticulation assessments and designs
  • Testing of PFC units and independent capacitors testing of CT and VT units
  • Circuit breaker / contactor resistance tests
  • Circuit breaker open / close speed tests
  • Extensive knowledge on all well-known protection relays