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Weather-Proof Generator Sets

PPE can design a weather-proof generator set according to customer requirements.

PPE supplies and installs 10MW diesel co-generation plants, as detailed below. This system is able to operate automatically and is synchronised with the National Grid supply during periods of load shedding and to supply power in the event of Grid power failure.


  • 2,000 kVA diesel generators
  • 4MVA 400V / 6,600V step-up transformers
  • 6,600V 12,7ohm, 300A for 10sec NERs
  • 12MVA 15,000V / 6,600V transformer
  • Nine panel 6.6kV 1,250A 25kA PPE Technologies MV flex switchboard
  • Panel 15kV 1250 25kA PPE Technologies MV flex switchboard
  • Bus VT panel for switchboard
  • 10A, 22AH 110VDC BT
  • 6m containerised substation c/w isowall thermal insulation, lights and 1 x 24,000 BTU air conditioner 50kVA auxiliary transformer 3kVA UPS
  • 12m containerised substation c/w isowall thermal insulation, lights and 2 x 24,000 BTU air conditioners, 50kVA auxiliary transformer, 3kVA UPS, 400V DB and 230V ready board
  • 60,000 L diesel storage and pumping facilities
  • Control and power cables

Drive Cabinets – Faster and Better – Throughout Africa

Enclosure systems are power distribution for:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical design
  • Infrastructure
  • Food and consumables
  • Transport technology
  • Alternative energy forms
  • ITC
  • Building infrastructure
  • Process industry
  • Components are perfectly compatible, and in stock
  • Long service life and safety with certified quality
  • Commencing operation by handing over turnkey solutions
  • One-stop shopping
  • Just in time delivery

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