DMS-TSF® is a unique engineered dust suppressant nano polymer with hydrophilic UV and extreme cold resistant properties for non-trafficked areas, such as tailings, stockpiles, and berms. DMS-TSF® is a water-soluble, crust forming, UV, rain, and extreme cold resistant polymer formulation.

DMS-TSF® prevents the creation of dust over time and reduce water usage, thus protecting the environment, the workers, and communities nearby.

DMS-TSF® is chlorides-free and formulated with environmentally friendly nano polymers and surfactants.

DMS-TSF® is mixed with water and sprayed onto surfaces using water trucks, water cannons, or airplanes for a homogeneous and safe application.

DMS-TSF® can suppress up to 90% PM10-2.5 emissions without the need for frequent watering.

• UV and extreme cold resistance: DMS-TSF is formulated to work on the extreme Canadian winter conditions and extreme Atacama Desert UV and wind and desert conditions.
• Foaming adhesion effect: Making the forming foam together to form microlayers overlapping each other, agglutinating fine particles, with each application.

DMS-TSF® has a gradual accumulative effect. Multiple micro-layers of foaming and film are formatted, enhancing the surface binding capacities, water retention, and dust particles encapsulation for extended periods. DMS-TSF® has high UV and extreme cold resistance, making it an ideal solution for severe weather conditions.

Main Attributes & Characteristics:

  • Low cost per m2.
  • PM10-2.5 suppression at 85-90%
  • Water savings
  • 6 to 24 months duration
  • Compatible with closure and revegetation initiatives
  • Highly concentrated, reduce logistics costs.
  • Water and UV resistance.
  • Compatible with different types of water and substrates
  • Nonionic, nontoxic, and non-corrosive.


DMS-TSF® contains surfactants. Avoid contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin. Therefore, consider the use of safety glasses and gloves when handling the product. See more relevant information on the Safety Sheet.