Chem-Stab® is a sulfonated (ionic) chemical-based soil stabilizer formulated with ionizing complexes associated with ion exchanger elements.

Chem-Stab® modifies the property of hydrophilic soil to hydrophobic (water repellent). Chem-Stab® releases the water retained by chemical adsorption in the soil particles, replacing it with more stable ions, which cancel out the bipolarity of the soil particles, reducing the spaces previously occupied with adsorption water, reinforced by adequate compaction and surface sealing. This results in greater optimal density, support value, and soil sealing.

This product is ideal for silty and clayey soils that have great challenges for stabilization. Changes and modifications to the stabilized back arepermanent over time.


  • Reduced costs and road construction time with an extended life span
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • Improves native soil properties, reducing the need to transport materials and gravel
  • Increases optimal density and support value
  • Fewer potholes and dust
  • Lower accident rate
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs and increased passenger comfort
  • Reduces maintenance and grading by 75%
  • Protects roads from rain and snow
  • Nontoxic, flammable, dangerous, or corrosive.


Chem-Stab® can be used for:

  • Stabilization of unpaved roads (rural, municipal, forestry, industrial, mining, etc.).
  • Consolidation of roads with natural soils.
  • Stabilization of underlayments, subbases, and roads paved with asphalt or concrete.
  • Improvement of landfills and contribution (loan) soils that do not meet project requirements.
  • Stabilization of industrial patios, parking lots, tracks, courts, etc.
  • Reduction of road materials such as files and cement for the conformation of cement floors.


Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged skin contact. Therefore, it is recommended to use safety glasses, gloves, and masks when handling the product. See more relevant information on the safety data sheet.