DMS-ALB® is specially designed for soil stabilization and dust control of solar farms, preventing the accumulation of dust on the solar panels, and providing an ideal albedo factor for bi-facial solar farms. DMS-ALB offers a long-lasting duration after an initial application.

To maintain the albedo factor and dust suppression qualities yearly maintenance applications are recommended.

DMS-ALB® is formulated with environmentally friendly nanopolymers, surfactants and proprietary refractive minerals. APE-free surfactants and no added formaldehyde

DMS-ALB® is added to watering trucks and mixed with water and sprayed onto the solar farm surfaces. It improves dust suppression performance while helping to achieve and ideal albedo factor of at least 80%.

• Wetting effect: It improves the suppression ability by enhancing the adhesion & spreading abilities of water on coal particles.
• Foaming effect: Producing elastic and low surface tension foam to reduce the humidity and prolong the effect.
• Foaming adhesion effect: Making the forming foam together to form microlayers overlapping each other, with each application.
• Foaming adhesion effect: Making the forming foam together to form a tight layer.
Ideal Albedo Factor: It reflects the sun to your bi-facial solar panel, increasing your solar panel yield, without overheating the solar panel.

DMS-ALB® has an accumulative effect, whereas a binding seal is created and reinforced with each application. Its nano polymer size binds PM10 and PM 2.5 preventing the creation of wind-borne material and reinforcing the albedo factor of your solar farm.


  • Reduce dust levels up to 85-95%
  • Provides you an albedo factor of more than 80%.
  • Improve your solar farm ROI by over 35% by reducing dust costs and improving your energy production.
  • Non-toxic & non-corrosive product
  • Excellent water and UV resistance
  • Acid and alkaline waters resistance
  • Non-ionic.


DMS-ALB® has some surfactant & preservative properties and as such contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin should be avoided. Safety glasses and gloves are recommended. Detailed information on handling and any precautions to be observed in the use of the product(s) described in this leaflet can be found in our relevant Health and Safety information sheet.