DMS-DS® is a highly effective dust suppressant designed for high mountain mining roads and high tonnage (600 TON) loading in loamy soils and loose fine material. DMS-DS is composed of a proprietary blend of surfactants, 0.25 micron nano-polymers and alcohols.

DMS-DS® generates a suppressive seal which suppresses up to 98% of emitted PM10-2.5; and improves stopping distances by 35-82% compared to water-wetted roads.

DMS-DS® is also used as a dust suppressant for industrial roads and subway mining roads.

DMS-DS® is added to tanker trucks loaded with water, mixed and applied topically or mix-in. It improves dust control, braking conditions and reduces water consumption by up to 90%, reducing costs associated with road irrigation and maintenance.

• Controlled hydroscopic effect: DMS-DS® has a hygroscopic effect 70 times higher than chloride salts, which allows it to retain the humidity of the road with a low dose, prolonging its effect.
• Cumulative binding effect: DMS-DS® polymer nanoparticles have a cumulative binding effect on particulate matter and fine road material, consisting of superimposed micro-layers that retain PM10-2.5 and improve road surface friction and braking conditions.

Main Attrubutes

  • Reduces dust by 95-99%.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • Improves braking and rolling conditions.
  • Does not generate stains
  • Resistant to water and UV radiation
  • Resistant to acidic, alkaline and salt water.
  • Non-ionic, non-toxic, non-corrosive.
  • Reduces road maintenance costs.


DMS-DS® contains surfactants so eye contact and prolonged skin contact should be avoided. See more relevant information in the Material Safety Data Sheet.