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Campbell Scientific

Measurement and Control Systems

Campbell Scientific can help customers to electronically monitor or control aspects of their operations. Campbell Scientific measurement and control systems are used worldwide in surface and underground mining operations.

815 West 1800 North,
Utah 84321 United States of America

815 West 1800 North,
Utah 84321 United States of America

campbell scientific

Campbell Scientific systems provide the backbone for worldwide mining-monitoring systems, including:

  • Slope stability analysis
  • Mine ventilation
  • Equipment performance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Weather monitoring
  • Dam and tailings monitoring
  • Roof and shaft stability
  • Lightning warning

Campbell Scientific measurement and control systems are used worldwide in surface and underground mining operations. Wherever a mine is, whatever the data or control requirements are, Campbell Scientific can help.

The company’s systems are ideal for mining applications because they are versatile, rugged, reliable and designed for harsh, remote locations. The company provides stand-alone tools that are built to withstand the harshest environments; once they are programmed and powered, no further interaction is required.

Campbell Scientific systems integrate with existing licensed radio, cellular and satellite communication networks. Both on-grid and off-grid power solutions are available.

Data can be maintained at the site or securely relayed to a global team that uses it to make decisions that reduce risk and increase profits.

Data reporting and communication tools

Reliable data is critical to efficient mining operations. Good, timely data leads to decisions that reduce risk and liability, promote health and safety, efficiently manage equipment, sites, or multiple assets and ensure environmental compliance.

With Campbell Scientific systems, data from anywhere on-site or off-site can be collected at a central location, allowing you to make real-time decisions.

Campbell Scientific systems are compatible with almost any commercially available electronically-based sensors and communication peripherals. The systems use wired or wireless networks to unify the stations and applications at client sites, combine the data, and provide real-time reporting that is viewable on a phone, tablet or PC.

The systems can also control equipment based on time, user input, or environmental conditions.

Existing installations

  • Slope stability analysis: lateral displacement, water level and flow, tilt, soil moisture, crack monitoring, and precipitation
  • Mine ventilation system: barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, and air velocity
  • Equipment performance: temperature, pressure, RPM, velocity, power, acceleration, position, torque, and strain
  • Air quality regulation and compliance: solar radiation, gases, particulates, and atmospheric stability class
  • Water quality regulation and compliance: pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, level, flow, and discharge
  • Weather conditions: wind speed and direction, air temperature, precipitation, barometric pressure, and relative humidity
  • Dam and tailings monitoring: water level, flow, and turbidity; slope stability; and air and water monitoring
  • Roof and shaft stability: changing conditions, crack monitoring, and load distribution
  • Lightning warning: electric field, lightning strikes, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, GPS time sync, barometric pressure, and precipitation

Training in measurement and control systems

Campbell Scientific offers on-site and corporate training to ensure that its systems provide the data that clients need today and into the future.

Local resources for global mine sites

Campbell Scientific’s worldwide network of offices and distributors provides local support and service. The company works with clients to ensure that systems and networks run smoothly.

Custom solutions

Campbell Scientific’s custom solutions for mining applications provide owners, engineers and managers with versatile, made-in-the-US systems.

Wherever a mine is, whatever the data or control requirements are, Campbell Scientific can help.

Air Quality Monitoring

Because surface and underground mining operations can have a significant environmental impact, there are often multiple conditions that must be monitored to ensure environmental compliance. Air quality and pollution represent one area of concern for mining operations.

Lightning Warning

Lightning strikes are a significant danger to the safety of personnel and assets. Personnel at increased risk may include those engaged in heavy equipment operation, construction activities, or explosives handling.

Slope Stability Monitoring

Critical factors for safeguarding people and equipment may include slope stability monitoring and understanding stability relationships with triggering mechanisms. Slope stability data can be acquired from a network of measurement and control systems strategically positioned around a mine.

Water Quality Monitoring

Surface and underground mining operations can have a significant impact on the environment around them. Consequently, there are often multiple conditions, such as water quality, that must be monitored to ensure environmental compliance.

Weather Monitoring

Minimise downtime with Campbell Scientific's advanced weather and lightning monitoring systems. Good precipitation, wind and temperature data keep mining operations running when conditions warrant and let you shut down when you need to protect your people and equipment.

Geotechnical and Mining Systems, from Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific's stand-alone data acquisition systems are versatile, rugged and powerful; factors that make them ideal for geotechnical and mining applications. Their versatility begins with sensor compatibility. They can measure virtually every commercially available sensor, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways for a variety of measurements.

Campbell Scientific Releases New Datalogger on 40th Anniversary

This year Campbell Scientific Inc., celebrates 40 years of innovative measurement by releasing its newest data acquisition product, the CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger. The CR6 combines new technology with the best features of Campbell Scientific's variety of legacy dataloggers.

Campbell Scientific, Inc.

815 West 1800 North


Utah 84321

United States of America