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Geotechnical and Mining Systems, from Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific's stand-alone data acquisition systems are versatile, rugged and powerful; factors that make them ideal for geotechnical and mining applications. Their versatility begins with sensor compatibility. They can measure virtually every commercially available sensor, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways for a variety of measurements. For example, a CR10X can be used in slope stability, water quality, or equipment performance applications. Data from a number of stations and from a number of applications can be monitored from a single laptop or desktop computer. Their versatility extends to control as well. Our systems can monitor and control external devices based on time or measured conditions, allowing savings in time and equipment, and possibly preventing, or warning, of dangerous conditions. They are rugged enough to be in use in geotechnical studies and mines worldwide.

Our systems have powerful onboard instruction sets; simply choose sensor type, scan rate, measurement channel, etc. Onboard mathematical and statistical processing allows data reduction in the field and allows measurements to be viewed in the desired units, whether that be microstrain, centimeters per second, revolutions per minute, meters, Amperes, or inches.

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