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Braking for the World’s Deepest and Fastest Man Riding Hoists

Years of reliable operation in deep hoist mining have placed Twiflex as a world leader in the field of mine winder braking technology. This leadership was further reinforced when Twiflex was chosen as the brake manufacturer for two of the world's deepest and fastest man riding hoists.

Installed in one of South Africa's deepest gold mines, the Blair multi-rope, single drum winders are manufactured by Fuller Vecor and operate down Anglo American's Vaal Reef number 11 shaft.

Known as 'Super Winders', they are designed to raise and lower the weight of 14 family cars down a 3.1km deep mine shaft. This payload is not excessive, but add to it the weight of the 3km long ropes and the engineering requirements make these some of the world's largest winders.

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