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Brochure: Twiflex Disc Brake Calipers

Twiflex has released a brochure with detailed information about its VKSD disc brake caliper offering.

Designed for the industrial and mining sector, the VKSD and VKSD-VR (large pad) calipers are spring applied, hydraulically released disc brakes which comprise two spring modules located on either side of a mounting plate. The plate can be made in any thickness to accommodate brake discs of 20mm thickness or more. The minimum disc diameter is 1,000mm and there is no maximum. For high-duty and frequent stopping applications, the large pad version (VKSD-VR) offers excellent thermal capacity.

With the brake in the 'parked off' position, disc spring load and hydraulic pressure are zero, allowing pads to be removed in safety. This feature also permits brake installation without the need for hydraulic pressure.

For more information about the VKSD disc brakes, download the free product brochure.

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