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Twiflex Installs VCS Calipers on Coal Conveyor in Perth

The Australian coal industry is recognised as the most efficient in the world. To achieve and maintain this position it invests in modern, high-quality technology to control its coal handling plants. Conveyor braking control is a prime example where the Australian coal industry relies on experts to engineer the most advanced systems and ensure safe and controlled braking of expensive belting.

Premier Collie is situated some 200km south of Perth in Western Australia, where two conveyors transport 600t per hour from an open cast mine to a nearby power station. The first stage of the handling system consists of a 5km-long belt transporting coal from the mine to a transfer station. A shorter 2.5km belt then feeds to the stockpiles of Western Powers' Collie power station. Two Twiflex spring applied hydraulically released VCS type calipers acting on a metre diameter disc are installed on the tail drive of each conveyor. They are used to bring the system to a safe and controlled stop and to act as a holding brake when the conveyors are stationary. The supply included power pack and monitoring units and the installation was commissioned by the Twiflex approved agent.

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