SuperSting Marine Resistivity Imaging System Measures the Entire Panama Canal

The AGI SuperStingR8 with marine streamer and graphite electrodes (US Patent 6,674,286) was deployed along the entire 77km-long Panama Canal at 25m transect spacing to a total 773 line km of data.

This is the largest towed marine resistivity survey of this type to date. AGI SuperStingR8 Marine resistivity data were successfully used to estimate geotechnical properties of the canal floor and thus reduce dredging bids for an on-going Panama Canal expansion programme. Borehole data showing alluvium and hard rock are correlated to resistivity data near Gamboa, Panama, as an example.

This data was used along with direct samples and additional geologic information to better estimate which dredging method would work best and thus reduce cost estimates for the project.

Download the free paper for more information.

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