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Advanced Geosciences Releases Paper on Yukon Exploration Project

Resistivity and IP data measured with the SuperStingR8 WiFi with Android app, AGI cable and EarthImager software were used to image gold deposits confirmed by drill cores in the Yukon Territory of Canada.

AGI SuperStingR8 induced polarisation and resistivity data was successfully used to locate and map economically important gold deposits in high-resolution using relatively low-weight and low transmitter power systems. A strong correlation is found between high chargeability and mineralised zones. Resistivity data are also strongly correlated to known vertical structures that contain these mineralised zones. Details of the borehole data with gold content (au gramme/tonne) are shown as pink bar graphs overlain on the EarthImager2D chargeability and resistivity models.

Download the free paper to read more about the Yukon exploration project.

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