Interlate Assessment identifies improvement opportunities

Interlate Assessment is based on a maturity framework that incorporates the main controls of value in a processing plant or mine site: data, systems, engineering, human capital and geological complexity. It applies advanced data analytics, as well as technical and operational expertise to demonstrate how Interlate’s capabilities capture material productivity improvements in plant and mining operations.

The process is an ideal starting point and roadmap for creating considerable insights into the value chain which often manifest as new or optimised operating tactics; confirming, refining or identifying short term improvement opportunities, or sustainable improvements when monitored in real-time by the Interlate Sentinel™ system.

How does it work?

Interlate Assessment comprises three stages:

  1. Data collection – gathering and modelling data from all enterprise systems.
  2. Site Visits – where our team works in collaboration with site teams, to develop scenarios for productivity improvements.
  3. Analytics and Reporting – analysing site data to diagnose productivity opportunities.

Assessment Method

Confirming, refining or identifying improvement opportunities in your site operation

DATA COLLECTION – Gathering and modelling data

SITE VISITS – Develop scenarios for productivity improvement

ANALYTICS AND REPORTING – Diagnose productivity opportunities

Key benefits

  • Provides a clear picture of hidden value in operations by harnessing existing plant data.
  • Evaluates the performance and potential improvement of the plant or mine assets.
  • Develops an alternative operating model that allows the site to respond flexibly to potential market and ownership changes.

Let’s take you to the next step in generating productivity improvements.

Main Features

  • Assessment outcomes are quantified
  • Outcomes are low or zero cost to implement
  • Outcomes are typically immediately implementable
  • Bottom line productivity improvement is up to 15%
  • Economical and gains are quick
  • Can be implemented at any stage

Find out more

Interlate’s success is measured by your site’s productivity improvements. To learn more about how we can help you to get the best results, contact us now via the details on our profile.