Sentinel™ is your system for keeping your finger on the pulse of everything happening on your operation. This highly sophisticated platform uses Big Data in real-time to collaboratively identify, analyse and benchmark operations so that productivity issues are addressed on a continuous basis.

For plants and operations that experience instability as a result of unplanned interruptions or variations in operators’ procedures, Sentinel™ is the ideal way to overcome these problems with real-time solutions.

How does it work?

  • Sentinel™ combines real-time data, expert analytics and experienced operations management into an effective decision support service that is easy for operators to use and seek recommendations at any time.
  • Through Sentinel™, Interlate stabilises operations and then designs and implements projects that drive step change improvement. The gains are “locked-in” in perpetuity using prescriptive technology, avoiding further anomalies and underperformance.

SENTINEL METHOD: Improvements are rapid and permanent

TRADITIONAL METHOD: Improvements are transient and decay over time

Key benefits

  • Sentinel™ provides operational teams with critical insights about their plant in real-time. Not just data but insights and practical tools that can be used immediately to improve operations.
  • Plant teams can progressively improve productivity over time because the built-in monitoring and alerting technology help ensure that each improvement is sustained and becomes the new baseline.
  • Sentinel™ helps promote a culture of continual learning and improvement in operational teams.

Main features

  • Live connection and full visibility of plant productivity
  • Real-time data analytics and insight delivery
  • Expert decision support and improvement recommendations
  • Tools and information dashboards that make operators jobs easier
  • Full transparency of value delivery for continuous improvement

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