What is your data story?

Stories are amazing. For thousands of years stories have been immensely important to our human experience. We use stories to teach our children. We use stories to create our cultures. We use stories to help people understand complicated issues. Stories give us insights that facts alone cannot.

Operational data can tell stories too. Stories that communicate profit and deficiencies. Stories that tell of opportunity and threats. The trick is to know how to get your data to tell you it’s story. But once you know how, the riches are abundant. The best part is that because data is continually being created, there are always new stories to tell, which means the riches keep coming.

Revealing the story of your data

The data visualisation consultants at Interlate are experts at getting operational data to reveal its stories. The Interlate approach is based on combining data science and operational experience to firstly understand what the data is “saying”.

Next, we use simple visuals that brings to light the insight in the data. Finally, we use the operating context to provide the data story’s narrative. This reveals what the data means and what can be done about the situation. We help our customers tell these stories in their organisations so that change is created, and improvement is made.

How customers have used their data stories to create change

Our customers have used their data stories to improve their operations – in mining and in processing. For example, one of our customers needed to run leaner, but their data showed them they could become more profitable by making smart trade-offs instead of general cost slashing. Another customer was able to come up with new operating processes that increased metal recovery without needing to spend any extra money. These are just two of the many examples of what our customers have achieved through data storytelling.

What could we do for you?

At Interlate, we can help you reveal the story that your data hides. We can help you tell these stories to your teams and empower them with the specific tools to create improvement.

We can show you how value can be transparently reported so you can have the confidence in the process. And we can do this quickly. Just how quickly depends on you. So we encourage you to arrange a demonstration.

Your data story deserves to be told. Contact Interlate now via the details on our profile to get the full story.