FRD seeks firstly to supply a product of undoubted integrity. Then back this up with a support network of dedicated. Distributors to ensure whatever support, wherever and whenever needed. The FRD-Distributor combination has been made unbeatable.

FRD Distributors have been selected for their professional competence, their market coverage, their dedication to quality and their willingness to work.

They receive intense training on all machines and systems and every support that a committed manufacturer can give them. They actively exchange experience between each other to ensure their clients get the latest lessons from the market. They are a skilled and fast team of professionals.

Value for money

Buying FRD products is a smart investment. Top quality for a reasonable price, with long lifetime, with low maintenance and less breakdown time. In the long-term, this choice makes financially better results.

Next steps? FRD Europe and its distributors have a vast resource of information beyond what can be mentioned here. Do not hesitate to get in touch for more detail and an unbeatable quote.