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Mining Machinery Developments (MMD) is a leading designer and manufacturer of mineral sizing (crushing) equipment and services for the mining, metallurgical, industrial minerals, alumina and other industries.

Minerals processing technology and equipment

MMD provides minerals processing designs and equipment, using state-of-the-art technology, resources and materials, aimed at optimising mineral processing systems.

The core products include mineral sizers or crushers and apron feeders, which offer a solution to problems such as variable ore properties, product requirements, site conditions and environmental issues.

MMD aligns these with energy, maintenance and manpower costs, to engineer a system that is safe, operable and maintainable.

Primary, secondary and tertiary ore sizers

MMD’s continuous development and innovation culture has led to extensive development of its sizer design, offering a range of primary, secondary and tertiary sizing machines, with the largest capable of processing more than 10,000t/hr.

MMD twin-shaft sizers were originally designed to meet the needs of the underground coal mining industry where, traditionally, inline breakers had been used.

The initial parameters were to design a machine to handle an excess of 1,500t/hr. Within maximum dimensions of 1,200mm-wide by 600mm-high, it was necessary to size material accurately, deposit material in the centre of the conveyor belt, and for the machine to be lightweight and mobile, with all the breaking forces contained.

Having successfully achieved this and more within the demanding underground environment, it became evident that MMD’s sizer was suitable for processing both hard, dry material and wet, sticky material, so could be used for many other applications.

Heavy-duty apron feeders

MMD has designed and developed a range of heavy-duty apron plate feeders to complement the robust twin-shaft mineral sizer.

Often arranged beneath tipping points they transport a steady flow of raw material to the crushing plant, optimising production and minimising wear and maintenance throughout a system. The apron feeder’s combination of reliability and robustness has been proven to give many years of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.

In-pit sizing and conveying systems

In open pit mines, overburden of increasing thickness has to be stripped and dumped. The resulting effect is that larger volumes of mineral need to be mined and efficiently processed for the operation to be economically viable.

As pits get deeper, in-pit sizing and conveying (IPSC) systems will become the transportation of choice. IPSC has been used for some time and many mine planners choose this design option over trucking.

Mobile and semi-mobile sizer systems for IPSC

MMD produces a range of mobile and semi-mobile sizer systems that are both high capacity and compact with the added benefit of having a verifiable, successful 25-year track record.

Some of the significant IPSC milestones being:

  • 1989 – A ground-breaking, semi-mobile unit proved capable of handling up to 4,000t an hour (tph) of mixed overburden was supplied to a customer in Spain to replace an existing 1,000tph gyratory unit
  • 1992 – A fully mobile unit capable of handling more than 3,000tph was delivered to Canada
  • 1993 – Four semi-mobile installations able to handle 4,500tph each were delivered to Thailand followed by three further 5,500tph units at the same site
  • 1998 – MMD supplied fully mobile modular units capable of 2,000+tph in hard limestone to plants in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • 2002 – MS1, the largest fully mobile IPSC unit in the world, capable of an excess of 10,000tph was delivered to a mine in Australia
  • 2006 – OS1 was produced, the 6,000tph fully mobile IPSC unit designed for operating in unforgiving sub-zero conditions of the oilsand industry in Canada

MMD’s years of experience has culminated in the production of the latest fully mobile sizer, which was delivered to a coal mine in China in 2013. Stripping at a rate of upto 9,000tph, the all-electric mobile sizer currently operates in conjunction with the shovel to remove and process overburden material in preparation for the long haulage by conveyor out of the mine.

To support the company’s expanding range of semi-mobile sizer systems, MMD has also developed the MMD Atlas Transporter, which enables semi-mobile structures to be relocated quickly and safely. A transporter can serve numerous sizer stations and additional plant equipment around the mine, providing a cost-effective solution to enhance systems’ availability and productivity.

About MMD

The MMD group of companies was founded in 1978, to design and manufacture equipment for the UK underground coal mining industry. Today, MMD has installed more than 3,000 sizers in both surface and underground mines, processing more than 75 different minerals worldwide.

The company’s energy-efficient, electrically driven, green mining solutions are all designed to assist mining companies to achieve the goals of being safe, economic and environmentally friendly.

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Press Release

A Helping Hand For Zimbabwe

This month, the MMD Mobile Demining Sizer Rig begins its long journey to Zimbabwe via The HALO Trust’s Headquarters in Dumfries, Scotland.

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Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations

The Semi-Mobile structure is also a moveable asset that can be relocated to another mine or deposit.

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Press Release

2 May 2019

All eyes are Stateside this month, as the world’s first Fully Mobile Surge Loader begins final assembly.

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5 February 2019

This month, the MMD Mobile Demining Sizer Rig begins its long journey to Zimbabwe via The HALO Trust’s Headquarters in Dumfries, Scotland.

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26 November 2018

MMD's Atlas Transporter has already been used for the first relocation as part of the mine’s expansion plan, carrying each station over 2km to their next operating locations.

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29 June 2018

MMD celebrates 40 years of mining innovation in 2018, and yesterday the company donated a revolutionary anti-personnel landmine clearance rig to The HALO Trust at the Hillhead Show in the UK.

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17 October 2017

EGAT's Mae Moh mine in northern Thailand has ordered three Semi-Mobile Sizing Stations and a 400t Transporter from MMD, which are currently under construction.

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17 April 2017

Earlier this month, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) awarded MMD Australia accreditation for Environmental Management. At the same time, the company achieved the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series standard. Building upon their Quality Management recognition in 2016, this gives MMD Australia a triple crown in standards certification.

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10 April 2017

January saw the completion and commissioning of a fourth MMD semi-mobile sizing station for one of South Africa's largest coal producers.

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6 June 2010

Having designed, built and installed the two highest track-mounted capacity fully mobile units in the world today, MS1 8000-10,000 tph of overburden commissioned in 2001 and OS1 6000 -8000 tph of oil sand commissioned in 2006, MMD has brought all the innovation for which they are renowned and t

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17 May 2010

An order for a plate feeder and 2 MMD sizers has been received from the largest borate mine in Turkey. MMD sizers have been previously utilised in North American borate applications; however these are the first MMD sizers and feeder to be installed in Turkey. Amongst the many mineral res

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17 May 2010

In 1999 MMD delivered and installed a 625 series sizer to a lignite operation in the Czech Republic. Now, more than ten years later, the same operation has increased their production targets and turned to MMD again to meet these new demands with a new 625 series sizer. The old and

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