The MMD Atlas Transporter is the latest technology from MMD, enabling heavy semi-mobile structures to be relocated in a safe and controlled manner. A single transporter can serve many units and structures around the mine. A range of MMD transporters are available from 200t to 750t carrying capacities.

Compact and low profile

The design of the transporter has been optimised to fit within compact dimensions and low height. This provides the ideal foundation for lifting large heavy structures.

Lift and rotate payloads

The driven slew canopy has unlimited rotation independent of the crawlers. Uniquely payloads can be lifted and rotated at any height for optimum travel.

Automatic payload levelling

Utilising more than 80 sensors the MMD Transporter has the unique capability to monitor and maintain the payloads centre of gravity automatically while travelling over different terrain and gradients. Inline and cross gradients of up to 10% can be accommodated for, providing uncompromised portability.

Safe operation

For safe operation the transporter is controlled by a fully featured wireless unit which provides live feedback and maximum control while travelling, lifting or slewing.