Schneider Electric

Product and Management Solutions for the Mining Industry

Schneider Electric helps our customers grow in a sustainable way by helping them to maximise their production resources, optimise industrial operations, improve overall efficiency, and enhance asset utilisation.

Innovative mining products and solutions to increase operational efficiency

Schneider Electric is a trusted partner with a complete portfolio of innovative products, solutions, and services that can help mining companies achieve better operational, value chain, and energy efficiency; exceed safety and sustainability goals; and maximise overall financial performance.

Addressing critical mining challenges

  • Facilitating sustainable growth and development
  • Protecting employees, plant assets, and the environment
  • Maximising output, revenue, and margin
  • Optimising OPEX and CAPEX
  • Attracting, developing, and retaining new talent

Safety and security

Protect valuable assets with some of the industry's most effective video security and advanced lightning detection systems, as well as integrated safety solutions for processes and machines.

Energy and sustainability

Obtain energy savings throughout the entire energy management life cycle and achieve sustainability goals with our expert consulting services and resource management.

Operational efficiency

Get total visibility into production processes and optimise operations from end to end, thanks to seamless integration between control and electrical systems.

Asset performance

Asset management solutions extend the useful life of assets, decrease downtime, and improve overall equipment efficiency.

Workforce efficiency

Achieve a highly effective workforce with advanced training solutions, enhanced operator simulation environments, mobile devices, business process management (BPM), and workflow software.

Value chain optimisation

Optimise the entire value chain, from resource to market, and produce the right quantity of materials, at the right time, in the right grade and at the right quality, at the lowest cost.

Community development and access to energy

Meet your social responsibilities with proven community outreach and training programs, and unique 'access to energy' solutions.

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Improving Plant Productivity with Automation Asset Performance Management (APM) 08 June 2016 As businesses strive to improve the bottom line and gain a competitive advantage, improving operational efficiency is one of the key objectives for manufacturing plants. This requires that plant assets run at peak productivity levels, producing high-quality products at the right time while also ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.


Beyond the Control Room: The Concept of Integrated Expertise Centres to Improve Mining Operations 27 May 2016 New organisational strategies and innovative technologies can help mining companies achieve long-lasting business excellence and give them a competitive advantage.


An Improved Approach for Connecting VSD and Electric Motors 07 March 2016 When electric motors are connected with Variable Speed Drives, some precautions must be taken.


Global Guidelines for Safe Installation and Maintenance of Medium Voltage (MV) Equipment 08 February 2016 The high reliability performance of medium voltage (MV) equipment is dependent upon early consideration of safety-related issues. In fact, personal safety is enhanced when safety-related issues are addressed early in the equipment deployment cycle.

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