Mining is a complex industry. Extracting raw material in different shapes, sizes and chemistries from the earth’s crust and transforming it into a standardised and high-quality final product is a challenging process, not to mention that it involves huge material movement, scheduling, synchronisation and tracking.

The mining industry needs companies that can progress beyond product offers and work in partnership with them to address their individual challenges.

Schneider Electric is a single supplier for the mining industry, providing optimised services from the mine to the port. The company’s global presence and local expertise enables it to offer services including:

  • Power management/distribution (MV and LV)
  • Energy efficiency and optimisation
  • Power quality
  • Sustainability strategy and reporting
  • Process control and automation
  • Telemetry
  • Integrated planning and optimisation
  • Mining production management
  • Surveillance/access control
  • Building management
  • Water management
  • Advanced weather systems
  • Rail and ports management
  • Services (power, automation and IT integration)
  • IT management