Low and Medium Voltage Frequency Converters for the Mining Industry


Ingeteam is a market leader specialising in the development of electrical equipment, such as motors and frequency converters. The company primarily serves sectors such as energy, mining, industry, marine, and rail traction, seeking to optimise energy consumption while maximising generating efficiency.

Its mission is to develop in-house products that provide custom solutions, adapting to each client, application and sector in which they operate.

A complete product package

Ingeteam's mining sector is set to become a global supplier of comprehensive product solutions for mining applications, featuring state-of-the-art power electronics and machines designed and manufactured with in-house technology to develop a complete electrical drive package.

Ingeteam's business model in the mining market offers everything from a single frequency converter to a complete drive train package, with rectifier transformers, frequency converters and motors with corresponding accessories.

Comprehensive application in the entire production process

In the industrial-mining sector, Ingeteam offers a wide variety of solutions for mining and mineral processing, developing applications both for new installations as well as for the refurbishment and expansion of existing ones, and attending to the complete production process, from extracting material and processing it to transporting and delivering it.

Complete transportable electrical rooms

Ingeteam offers prefabricated, modular power control room housing, complete power distribution and control cabinets, as well as auxiliary systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning; dust filter pressurisation; fire protection; and access control.

Customer service worldwide

Services from Ingeteam include its 360º CRS programme.


  • Direct e-mail contact to Ingeteam engineers
  • Telephone availability of an engineer during office working time.

Preventive maintenance:

  • Regular inspections may be scheduled in order to meet the specific recommended maintenance schedule
  • Preventive maintenance reduces risk of failures and increases product life expectancy

Remote diagnostic support:

  • Remote diagnosis is a very useful tool that provides quickest way to receive qualified and skilled first technical assistance
  • Guide customer for through a fast and efficient fault-finding procedure
  • HW and SW devices are embedded in all Ingedrive converters

Emergency technical support:

  • This support service provides immediate phone access on a 24 hour / 365 days basis to a specialised engineer with problem-solving capabilities.

Training and learning:

  • Specific specialist for customers training courses at Ingeteam.
  • Investment in professional training improves productivity.

On-site technical support:

  • Skilled Ingeteam engineers will be ready to support customer physically on-site, at request, for troubleshooting and technical assistance.

Life cycle:

  • Converters design life for 20 years.

Contact Details

Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A. - Headquarters
Parque Tecnólogico, 110
48170 Zamudio
+34 94 403 9600
+34 94 403 9345

Available White Papers


SAG Mill and Ball Mill Case Study 22 June 2016 In September 2011, the company Outotec, located in Espoo (Finland), awarded Ingeteam a contract for the design and supply of the main drive equipment for a 2.3MW SAG mill and a 2.1MW ball mill to be installed in Russia. Outotec is a global leading company that designs and delivers turnkey projects in the mining industry, as well as being one of the largest mechanical suppliers of grinding mills worldwide.


Coal Underground Mine Hoist Case Study 15 June 2016 In April 2012, the Chinese company Shanghai Hualing awarded Ingeteam a contract for the design and supply of the main frequency converter for a mine hoist to be installed in Tongting, Anhui province, China.


Underground Zinc Mine Hoist Case Study 08 June 2016 In February 2015, Ingeteam was awarded a contract by Zitrón for the electrical equipment for a mine hoist in Bolivia. The order comprised the main electrical package, including the main circuit breaker, rectifier transformer, frequencey converter, as well as related engineering and on-site services.

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