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Atlas Copco Secoroc knows a thing or two about rock. Our earliest experience of mining and steel dates back to the 14th Century. In the intervening 700 years we like to think we've acquired a measure of expertise - a fact perhaps best reflected by our history of innovation and our comprehensive selection of rock drilling tools. Over the years Atlas Copco Secoroc has met the needs of mining and construction companies, quarry and water well drillers the world over with continuously improved products.

Lasting relations

Sustainability is basically a very simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which we all can exist in productive harmony with the nature, fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.

Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have, unpolluted water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment.

Minding that, our products are constantly in a developing state, where we strive to increase penetration rates, decrease the use of lubricant oils and increase the working life on entire drill strings. This means less influence on the surrounding environment as well as more lucrative business opportunities for all our customers.

We also take great pride in taking it all a step further by developing faster and more efficient grinding machines so that our customers can make the absolute most of our drill bits. Worn down button bits will slow down the whole drilling operation with escalating working hours and rig running costs as a direct consequence. Rapidly reground drill bits reduce the overall drilling costs by up to 30 percent. Grinding is therefore essential for productivity.

Fundamental for all of this is our commitment to all our customers. We have spent hours and hours on-site, listening, learning and helping our customers get the best out of their rigs and our Secoroc products. We have built up a service support resource, providing hands-on experience from all types of applications and by that - we have built lasting customer relations that cover everything from product and application training to stock management and customized contracts.

This is what we call sustainable productivity.

Secoroc Magnum SR - a revolution in drifting

The trend in tunnelling and drifting is clear: the hydraulic rigs are ever more powerful and the rounds longer. Naturally, this places rigorous demands on drillstrings. Enter Secoroc Magnum SR, the next generation of drifting equipment. The key is a patented design; the rods and bits may look like standard drifting equipment but the thread is actually conical in shape. For example, the Magnum SR35 thread has a rod end diameter of 35mm, while the tip is 32mm. This means more material at the rod end to prevent breakage and less tendency for deviation when collaring. There are currently three models available: Magnum SR28, and SR35 and the Magnum SR Straight for exceptionally straight holes.

Dig for gold with the Secoroc COP 64 Gold

Secoroc COP 64 Gold is without a doubt one of the most reliable hammers we’ve ever built. The piston with a polygon shape, combined with milled slots in the cylinder, has greatly enhanced guidance. That means less internal wear with sustained efficiency and productivity throughout the life of the hammer. The cylinder is made of a special high strength steel, developed specifically for rock drilling applications. Built to stand up to abrasion, the hammer can even be pushed below current wear limits. What's more, the 12-spline chuck stands up better against spline wear. More than a million metres of test drilling have shown that drillers can look forward to a 30% to 50% longer service life compared to the previous genration.

Secoroc Grind Matic BQ2 and BQ2-DTH ensure rational grinding

The new Secoroc Grind Matic BQ2 and BQ2-DTH are two exceptionally efficient grinding machines. Grind Matic BQ2 has been specially designed for threaded and tapered bits with spherical and ballistic buttons. And, as the name implies, Grind Matic BQ2-DTH is a semi-automatic grinder for both DTH and COPROD bits with spherical as well as ballistic buttons.

On both machines, grinding capacity has been upped considerably thanks to numerous novel features.

A good example of innovative design is our new grinding spindle which facilitates rapid change of grinding wheels with no tools needed. As an added bonus, both grinders feature an automatic centering arm and indexing bit holder too. With optional equipment, Grind Matic BQ2-DTH, can also grind threaded bits.

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