Atlas Copco Mobile Crushers and Screeners for Mining Materials

Atlas Copco develops, manufactures, and markets rock drilling equipment, mobile crushers and screeners for various applications in civil engineering, quarries and open-pit mines worldwide. We focus on innovative product design and after-market support systems, which give added customer value. Our divisional headquarters and main production centre are both located in Örebro, Sweden.

Mobile crushing and screening plants

Atlas Copco now offers a wide range of mobile crushing and screening plants suited for demolition, quarrying and road construction applications. Atlas Copco powercrusher machines offer high-performance while being straightforward and reliable.

The units have some significant technological advantages – quattro movement in the jaw crushers, optimised geometry in the impact crushers, basic design in the cone crushers and efficiency in the screening plants. All of these points are wrapped up into units that have optimised transport dimensions and weights.

We provide the qualities in crushing and screening plants that customers want. Couple this with the 67 Atlas Copco regional offices around the globe and the combination is unbeatable.

Jaw crushers for mining environments

Jaw crushers are mainly used as primary crushers. Their main purpose is to produce material that can be transported by belt conveyors to the next crushing stages. The crushing takes place between a fixed and moving jaw which is mounted on a pitman, and its motion it set up by the movement produced by the eccentric shaft at the top of the pitman.

A toggle plate located at the bottom of the moving jaw is a wear plate that takes the momentum of the moving jaw. Material to be broken enters through the inlet opening and, under gravity, moves between the jaws, gets compressed and finally fractures as the material, now also receiving additional pressure from fresh boulders above, is forced through an ever-reducing gap. The closed side setting at the very bottom of moving and fixed jaw dies will determine the size of end product leaving the crusher outlet.

Impact crushing jaw crushers

Impactors are characterised by a high-reduction ratio and cubically shaped products. The feed material, usually supplied from a primary jaw crusher, is crushed by highly intensive impacts originating as rocks come into contact with fast-revoluting hammers.

These hammers are fixed to a rotor that forces the rocks to collide with internal wear plates on the swing beams. These particles are further crushed as rock-on-rock collisions happen, resulting in a fine, high-quality, shaped end product. The closed side setting is the distance between the lowest point of the lower swing beam and the hammers. This gap will determine the size of the end material being produced.

Cone crushing for mining materials

Cone crushing works on the principle of an oscillating shaft. The material is crushed in a crushing cavity between an external fixed element (cone) and an internal moving element (mantle) mounted on the oscillating shaft assembly. The fragmentation of the material takes place as the material is compressed between the wear parts around the crusher chamber.

Crushing also occurs as the material compresses against itself. With very abrasive materials, cone crushes offer lower wear costs when compared to impact crushers.

Mining material screening

Screening principles for vibrating screens are basically the same for any application. Material to be screened is fed onto a screening surface (either meshes, bofar plates or fingers). Aas the material loses its vertical velocity it is submitted to a change in direction of travel.

Through vibration, the bed of material assumes a fluid motion. The larger fractions rise to the top of this bed and the smaller fractions filter through the gaps. These smaller-sized particles reach the mesh elements and either fall through because they are smaller than the mesh apertures or stay moving because they are bigger than the mesh openings. In two-deck screeners the material falling through the top mesh repeats the process on the bottom mesh.

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Press Release

Extend the Reach with FlexiROC T30 R

Atlas Copco announces the upgrade of the popular ROC D3 RRC. This rig now comes with tier four engine emissions and improved diesel consumption. It also takes a natural place in the new naming platform and is renamed to FlexiROC T30 R.

White Papers

Rugged Powercrushers from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Powercrusher presents its distinguished line of track-mounted jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers and screening plants equipped to tackle your quarry, mining, construction and recycling tasks.

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Press Release

31 January 2013

Atlas Copco announces the upgrade of the popular ROC D3 RRC. This rig now comes with tier four engine emissions and improved diesel consumption. It also takes a natural place in the new naming platform and is renamed to FlexiROC T30 R.

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28 January 2013

Dan Dorran, has been named vice president of Seismic, effective January 1, 2013, in order to develop the Atlas Copco Rental business in the seismic applications market. The seismic rental business represents a new application and business for Atlas Copco Rental that fits nicely in the Specialty Rental portfolio.

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28 January 2013

Atlas Copco has again been recognised as one of the most sustainable companies by the annual Global 100 list.

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25 October 2012

A few months ago Atlas Copco launched the underground app for Ipads and Android reading pads. Now the app is also available for smartphone devices!

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Regional Offices

Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB


Gryts Industriområde

Örebro SE-701 91



+46 223 46100

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