Atlas Copco’s portable and lightweight Hurricane B7-41 Compact boosters provide users with a high-pressure, gain penetration rate for their drilling applications.

They are suitable for applications varying from mineral exploration and blast hole drilling, water well and geothermal drilling, oil and gas exploration drilling to nitrogen generation, pipeline services and well exploration.

Mobile high-pressure boosters

All Hurricane high-pressure boosters models are equipped with a lifting eye and forklift slots as standard.

Featuring Atlas Copco’s unique in-house designed pumper block, our boosters further increase pressure ratio of air or nitrogen by approximately factor 2.7 and 2.9 per compression stage (up to three stages available). They also feature standard forklift slots and lifting eyes for further improved on-site manoeuvrability.

Manufactured using high-quality parts, the B7-41 booster provides user-friendliness, easy serviceability, and economical operation to ensure optimal return on investment.

It is designed to deliver cost-efficient operation, transport and installation while offering high reliability and optimal performance in both low and humid-ambient climates.

Compact, modular design for easy serviceability

Atlas Copco’s pumper block design is small, efficient and offers reduced piping, which not only significantly affects the footprint but also improves serviceability. It can be serviced by one technician, without the need for a crane or special tools in less than four hours.

This small footprint decreases transportation costs as both the booster and feed air compressor can be combined on a single trailer.

In addition, the modular design of our dual-stage boosters allows you to change from dual to single-stage, increasing the utilisation rate of your investment to suit various applications.

We have models in 1, 2 or 3 stages, which are compliant with several emission regulations, and allows companies to choose the booster model that is suitable for their requirements.

Innovative smart air controller

Our state-of-the-art Smart Air Xc4004 controller features the latest innovations.
It consistently monitors all vital parameters of the booster. In the event of pending failure, the Xc4004 will protect your investment by automatically shutting down and subsequently avoiding damage to core components.

The controller will also indicate when preventive maintenance is needed, which avoids unexpected downtime and easily define the output pressure. For instance, drilling speeds can efficiently be increased, reducing the cost per metre drilled and improving your overall profitability.

In addition, the Xc4004 smart air controller allows users to easily configure the required pressure. With flow following your application, this enables the Hurricane booster to suit the applications that require a variation in flow or pressure.