We have developed a full range of compressors, designed specifically to cover a multitude of drilling applications.

The DrillAir range is built around the principles of pressure and flow with a design ethos that focuses on the relationship between these two variables. By using a combination of these two variables, the DrillAir range helps users achieve the maximum air flow at any pressure setting.

Four reasons to invest in DrillAir:

  • Drilling 500m per day is achievable with the DrillAir Y35. Two 4.5in geothermal wells can be finished in a single drilling day.
  • A single truck can carry both the compressor and the rig thanks to the short, 4.1m compressor frame.
  • DrillAir is suitable for sustainable projects, thanks to compliancy with Stage IV emission standards.
  • DrillAir Y35 consumes less than 2.2l of fuel per meter drilled. (dependent on various operational parameters).

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