A rugged version of the LC in a touch and weather-resistant structural resin case

GeoSonics / Vibra-Tech is a leader in manufacturing quality, user-friendly seismographs for the quarry and construction industries.

GeoSonics / Vibra-Tech’s seismographs are complete vibration and sound monitoring systems with LCD displays and heavy-duty twist-lock metal cable connections.

The instrument cases are manufactured using the toughest structural resin available providing the highest level of water-resistance on the market.

Each unit includes basic compliance reporting software as standard and all products are manufactured in the US.

The company’s standard SSU series seismographs feature:

  • An ISEE compliant external geophone with a 0.0025 in./sec. resolution
  • 2Hz to 250Hz linear microphone
  • Internal memory
  • Easy-to-read four-line by 20-character LCD
  • Heavy-duty stick and twist metal connectors
  • Long-life rechargeable lead-acid battery
  • Two independent threshold alarms
  • Imperial / metric support
  • Flexible user interface for on-site programming
  • Free analysis software
  • One-year warranty

Key features of the SSU 3000-EZ PLUS:

  • Simple, lightweight design
  • Most water-resistant instrument on the market
  • Flexible interface and extensive options for custom configuration