Reduce structural response and neighbour complaints

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech offers customers a comprehensive vibration control plan with its Iso-Seis and Vibra-Map technologies.

Iso-Seis technology uses 175 digital micro seismographs deployed around an operation to measure the effects of geology on the ground vibration signature. A single-hole blast is detonated and the Vibra-Map analysis is used to determine the optimal timing sequence to produce destructive interference.

Because houses amplify only certain frequencies, it is possible to synthesise the frequency spectrum from hundreds of potential blast designs for each location of concern, and identify the blast patterns least likely to affect the neighbouring houses.

By reducing the amount that the houses shake, compalints are reduced.

GeoSonics / Vibra-Tech is the only company to offer the Iso-Seis System. It was a pioneer of the Vibra-Map technology and the first company to bring the technique to the commercial market.