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Re:mote Vibration Monitoring System

vibration monitoring system

Ground vibration is common in the mining and construction industries and may have many causes. It can present numerous challenges for equipment, buildings and neighbours of project sites.

The GeoSonics / Vibra-Tech Re:mote Vibration Monitoring System is a critical tool to help monitor and analyse vibration caused by construction activities.

The system addresses a project’s needs and provides experienced, third-party analysis of the collected data.

GeoSonics / Vibra-Tech uses cutting-edge instrumentation above standard blasting seismographs. This advanced technology enables two-way communication between the operator and the seismograph, allowing for downloads and instrument programming and diagnosis from anywhere in the world.

Discover how the GeoSonics / Vibra-Tech Re:mote Vibration Monitoring System can help personnel access project data without being on-site.

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