RIGID ROBOTICS’ DriveAssist™ platform is capable of providing collision avoidance, proximity detection truck spotting, and various other operator assistance solutions individually or simultaneously.

DriveAssist features universal vehicle support and proprietary vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication that creates a shared situational awareness between operators. It also features the high-precision positioning of RIGID ROBOTICS’ trackPIN™. Global tracking is provided by multi-constellation RTK while optional ARM-77™ radars provide local tracking if needed.

Collision avoidance

2.5cm position accuracy enables DriveAssist to prevent collisions in all traffic scenarios without creating false alarms. Dynamic probabilistic safety zones are generated based on vehicle type and response time as well as vehicle dynamics and behavior. Customized traffic scenarios can be created to meet the demands of any operation.

A 4in interface quickly provides operators with the information they need, while the system can also be hosted on existing displays in order to reduce clutter within the vehicle.

Enhanced dead reckoning algorithms ensure that position is continuously tracked alongside high walls, deep within pits, and in other mine areas that are prone to signal and communication issues.

Proximity detection

24GHz or 77GHz radar sensors are locally mounted on vehicles and/or infrastructure in order to provide application specific solutions. Examples include, but are not limited to, increasing operator awareness, and avoiding contact between vehicles and fixed infrastructure.

Truck spotting

Assisted truck spotting reduces cycle times by decreasing human errors and eliminating the need for re-spotting. Cycle times can be reduced even further thanks to support for both single-loading and double-loading operations.
Operators are guided step by step using DriveAssist’s intuitive 4in interface.

Predictive braking

Predictive Braking reduces vehicle speed when an object, person, or another vehicle is detected in its path. 77GHz radar, tested and proven by the automotive industry, allows for 3x better object separation and 5x better distance accuracy than traditional 24GHz solutions.

Adaptive cruise control

Similar to automotive cruise control, adaptive cruise control increases vehicle speed consistency, optimizing cycle times and improving fuel economy. Fully customizable and configurable to mine needs, adaptive cruise control also ensures vehicles slow down and speed up according to the vehicle in front of them.