HazardAvert 360° has been created to address these safety issues and help prevent vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-person collisions and accidents.

Multi-range detection and alarm

Seamlessly combining far-range and close-range detection technologies for full-view awareness, HazardAvert 360° is designed to detect equipment and pedestrians within close proximity of operating machinery and determine if there is a potential danger of collision. If a potential danger is detected, the system will immediately emit warning alarms to operators as well as the pedestrian or pedestrians involved.

Hazardavert 360° system components

  • In-cab display screen
  • GPS antenna
  • Omnidirectional antennas
  • Concentrator

PERSONAL ALARM DEVICE (PAD) The in-cab display screen provides equipment operators with a 360° graphical view of the surrounding area. It displays the position and tracks the movements of other vehicles and pedestrians within 300m/985ft in all directions. It also serves as the operator’s warning device, sounding an audible and visual alarm if potential danger is detected.

The GPS Antenna provides precise relative location for far-range detection and positioning

Omnidirectional antennas create precise triangulation location for shorter range detection

The concentrator is the system bus, connecting system antennas and feeding data to the display screen.

All workers wear PADs, which are detected by the system and emit warning alerts to the worker if they enter a path of potential collision.

Vehicle-to-vehicle detection

HazardAvert 360° is an alarm-only system that can be used on any number of mobile equipment units and vehicles. It begins identifying other vehicles and displaying their relative positions on a display screen once they come within 300m (985ft). Movement is tracked and monitored, and if a potential for collision arises, the display screens of all vehicles involved will flash and sound an audible alarm in warning.

Vehicle-to-person detection

Pedestrians wearing a PAD and positioned within 30m (165ft) of the equipment or vehicles will be detected and their location will appear on the in-cab display screen. They are identified as pedestrians. If the system detects danger, it sends warning alerts to both the operator and the pedestrian’s PAD.

Key features

  • Multiple detection technologies integrated for expanded coverage and safety overlay
  • Used on heavy machinery, mobile equipment, lightweight vehicles
  • All equipped machinery and pedestrian PADs in the working area are detectable
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle
  • Vehicle-to-pedestrian
  • Vehicle-to-fixed asset or stationary vehicle
  • Unaffected by daylight, weather conditions or air-borne particles such as dust

Integrating the capabilities of HazardAvert 360°™ & HazardAvert®

For operations seeking the ability to automatically slow, stop or disable equipment to prevent collisions, HazardAvert 360°™ can be integrated with HazardAvert® electromagnetic systems to operate in conjunction and display information on a single user interface. Together the systems provide comprehensive detection and alarm capabilities, including the ability to override equipment controls in an emergency situation.

The system integration is seamless, and requires no input or interaction from equipment operators during operations.