Leveraging the utility and flexibility of the Strata/Trolex Sentro Wireless, surface operators can wirelessly monitor underground working environments, and control electronic devices during operations.

Wireless gas and fire detection

  • Wireless monitoring of toxic and explosive gases during operations
  • Measures levels and reports status at pre-set intervals
  • In Alert/Alarm mode data is streamed
  • Gas level status & incident location identified
  • Fully operational post-accident & in the event of power or ventilation loss when utilizing CommTrac network

Wireless airflow and ventilation monitoring

  • Air or gas flow measured and status reported at pre-set intervals
  • In Alert/Alarm mode data is streamed
  • Air flow/Ventilation status &  incident location identified

Atmospheric monitoring

  • Sentro Wireless or powered PLC
  • Real-time monitoring of air temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Report data to dispatch

Remote control

  • Gas Detectors
    • On/Off
    • Reading and setting I/O
    • Manipulate thresholds
    • Alarm On/Off
  • Fans and Pumps
    • On/Off

Trolex gas detectors and sensorsystems

Versatile options in gas and atmospheric monitoring for any type of application

  • Sentro Wireless: Battery-powered, completely wireless unit for detection, monitoring and control
  • Vortex Wireless: Battery-powered, completely wireless unit for air and gas flow rate monitoring
  • Sentry: Battery-powered, completely wireless sensor system for emergency refuge chamber environments
  • Sentro 1 Universal Sensor: Highly accurate, wired sensor for a range of toxic and flammable gas detection
  • Sentro 8 Sensor Station: A complete environmental sensing system in one integrated unit

Belt and belt drive monitoring

Strata can replace traditional belt controllers with the StrataConnect™ controller that enables real-time, remote monitoring and control of the belt lines and drives during operations

  • Wide variety of sensors and control points can be monitored simultaneously
  • Real-time wireless data transmission to user interface
  • Data storage for analysis and reporting
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Operation and update performed by mine personnel

Remote monitoring

  • Belt speed
  • Belt motor & bearing temperature
  • Coal flow-rate over main scale
  • Pull cord
  • Plugged chute
  • Belt slip
  • Belt stoppage
  • Misalignment
  • Tension
  • Local lock-out

Remote control

  • Start/stop belt (with option to local override)
  • Alarms & alarm horns on/off