StrataConnect™ is a multi-functional communications network for underground working environments.

It provides versatile options in communications, tracking and environmental monitoring for everyday operations. Fully wireless and battery-powered options are available for both everyday operations and post-accident situations.

StrataConnect’s flexibility enables operations to create and expand a communications network with functionalities that meet their specific needs.

Strata offers two infrastructures that are also fully interoperable.

Wireless CommTrac in your operations

CommTrac is a truly wireless and battery powered underground communications and tracking system that eliminates the expense and heavy maintenance associated with wired infrastructures.

  • Fast and easy installation with as few as one or two installers.
  • Simple suspension of Strata C-Nodes. Self-forming mesh network
  • Completely independent from other systems and power-sources
  • Remains fully operational post-accident

It is completely US MSHA approved for use in underground coal mines. CommTrac satisfies the Miner ACT requirements for having fully wireless post-accident two-way communication between underground and surface personnel, as well as electronic location tracking.


  • Communications
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring and Control

StrataConnect Wi-Fi in your operations

Incorporate Strata Wi-Fi into your existing fibre-optic network to achieve powerful underground ‘hotspots’.

  • Strata A-Node access points installed in desired locations along fibre
  • Establish up to 6,000ft (1,800m) of Wi-Fi coverage in each direction
    (varies by location)
  • Strata B-Node wireless backbone installed to extend coverage beyond fibre
  • Up to 4,000ft per hop

Strata Wi-Fi is compatible with any 802.11 device for voice calling, texting, videos and high-speed data access.


  • Communications
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring and control

Strata Wi-Fi A-Nodes are interoperable with CommTrac wireless and battery-powered C-nodes. This enables expanded wireless coverage for tracking, monitoring and remote control capabilities into areas not requiring voice communications.

StrataConnect™ server and GUI

StrataConnect™ Server and graphical user interface (GUI) provides monitoring, tracking and worker interaction between surface and underground operations. The Server integrates all underground systems into a single, multi-layered GUI to provide a comprehensive view and awareness of underground operations in real-time.

A digital mine-map or facility floorplan mark fixed nodes and other device location by latitude/longitude, as well as real-time location and tracking of mobile devices.

Reporting capabilities

  • Underground fixed node status history:  Includes detailed network health reports
  • Event history:  Includes location of event with timestamps, event description, miner/device name & serial number, and record of event been cleared
  • List of personnel checked-in or underground: Current data, or filtered back
  • Personnel activity history:  Includes locations with timestamps and text message logs
  • Equipment activity history: Includes locations with timestamps
  • Section activity history: Includes personnel listings by working section/area

All files can be printed to PDF or exported to CSV file.