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A Partnership in Technology

Hans Kuenz

Hans Kuenz, founded in 1932, is the competent partner for designing innovative handling technology for the mining industry. No matter if copper, zinc or nickel, either electro winning or electro refinery, Kuenz delivers customer-orientated crane solutions. Modular systems and experienced products guarantee safety, the highest quality and optimised performance.

Automated tankhouse cranes

Kuenz automated tankhouse cranes have been manufactured since 1987. Best practice in our unique designs is the result of more than 20 years of Kuenz experience in the non-ferrous metal business, from which our customers benefit greatly. This specific knowledge is gained through each installation and implemented in new projects using continuous improvement.

Modular concepts, high reliability and availability, positioning accuracy and degree of automation are the driving factors of the system to be used. Today, Kuenz is well-known for manufacturing products of excellent quality using proven technology worldwide.

Fully and semi-automatic crane systems

Kuenz designs fully and semi-automatic crane systems for copper, zinc, cobalt and nickel refineries. These cranes operate in very harsh environments and their solid Kuenz quality guarantees efficient operation, long-lasting product life and perfect functionality.

Efficient gripper systems with high positioning accuracy are the basis of an optimized integration in a safe and efficient production process. Kuenz tankhouse cranes are tailored to individual customer needs.

Tankhouse cranes and containers from one source

Our major strength is controlling the entire process from design, in house production, installation, automation and commissioning to after-sales support.

We support our customers worldwide by using the following best-practice standards: innovation and competence, certified quality, utmost reliability and the excellent knowledge of our engineers, who account for more than 25% of the entire workforce.

Worldwide experience

Kuenz tankhouse cranes are used worldwide. Well-known companies all around the globe have become long-term partners of Kuenz:

  • Kenecott Utah, US (electro refinery copper)
  • Xstrata Zinc, US (zinc)
  • Vale Newfoundland & Labrador, US (electro winning copper, nickel, cobalt)
  • Zijin Copper, China (electro refinery copper)
  • Guanxi Jinchuan Non-ferrous Metals, China (electro refinery copper)
  • Asturiana de Zinc, Spanien (zinc)
  • Boliden Mineral, Schweden (electro refinery copper)
  • Codelco del Norte, Chile (Anode and cathode handling)
  • El Abra - Phelps & Dodge (electro winning copper)
  • Montanwerke Brixlegg, Austria (copper)
  • Met Mex Penoles, Mexico (zinc)
  • Aurubis, Germany (electro refinery copper)
  • Aurubis, Bulgaria (electro refinery copper)
  • Spence, Chile (electro winning copper)
  • Thai Copper, Thailand (electro refinery copper)
  • Xstrata Townsville, Australia (electro refinery copper)
  • YCC Yunnan Copper Corp. China (copper refinery)
  • Vale Voisey Bay Project, Canada (nickel, cobalt, copper)
  • UMMC, Russia (copper refinery)
  • Jiangxi, 147 China (zinc refinery)
  • Kazzinc, Kazakhstan (copper refinery)

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