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Künz Enters the US RTG Market

Norfolk Southern Railway has ordered six Künz Freeriders – 11 Wide and 1 over 4.

The cranes will be located at the Austell, Georgia facility. The capabilities of the Künz Freerider will enable Northern Southern Railway to be the first terminal operator in the US, to utilize the stacking and movement of containers at maximum gantry travel speed, to and from the stacks with a rubber-tired gantry crane.

Although they will be delivered for manual operation, with minor adjustments they will be ready for automation. With a wide travel gauge of 116ft and the capability of gantry travel at maximum speed, while fully loaded, the Künz Freerider opens a new way of operating an intermodal yard.

The Künz Freerider is revolutionizing the market with increased productivity, safety, reduced operations cost which offers a completely new kind of flexibility to Norfolk Southern’s terminal operations.

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