Machinery for Underground and Open-Pit Mines


FAMUR Group is a world-renowned manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment. We focus on complete automation of longwall systems, as well as on developing IT-based master systems for managing the coal extraction process from the face to the mine surface. We provide complete mining solutions, offering customised, technologically advanced and highly reliable products and services. Our equipment and systems are adapted to the most stringent geo-mining conditions.

Automated longwall systems

Automated longwall systems are designed to operate in underground coal seams ranging in height from 1m up to 6m. Longwall systems manufactured by FAMUR Group include:

  • Shearer loaders (electric and hydraulic shearers), planetary gears
  • Powered roof supports, special gate road support systems
  • Conveyors (armoured face conveyors, stage beam loaders)
  • Crushers
  • Power hydraulics

Heading systems for development works

FAMUR provides modern and internationally recognised roadheaders, which are available in various types and versions. These are able to drill galleries and tunnels, and are used in development works.

Bulk material and personnel transport systems

A significant area of FAMUR activities is focused on manufacturing equipment for continuous transport and reloading of various types of bulk materials used in underground mines, open pit mines, sea and river ports, reloading centres and storage yards, internal transport and large scale earthworks (underground belt conveyors, surface belt conveyors, stackers and loader-stackers).

FAMUR also specialises in designing and manufacturing a range of underground transport equipment such as cable-driven floor railways, diesel engine suspended monorails, diesel engine floor railways, diesel track locomotives and mechanical winches, as well as complete equipment for railways to transport personnel and materials.

Transport systems and industrial systems include:

  • Bulk material handling systems
  • Loading equipment
  • Auxiliary transport systems for underground mining systems

Surface mining plant infrastructure

FAMUR can build coal washery and enrichment plants in a comprehensive manner, as it specialises in complex design, construction, assembly and structure erection activities.

Some of the latest projects undertaken by FAMUR are:

  • Mechanised longwall systems for extraction of thin coal seams: Poland 2011, Murcki-Staszic Coal Mine. The first low seam system produces up to 6,000 tonnes of coal per day. In March 2012, the mine had a second low seam system installed
  • Longwall system: Poland 2010, PG Silesia Coal Mine. The longwall system has been designed to operate in coal seams with heights of 1.6m to 4m. The first system is currently installed, with a second due to be delivered in May 2013
  • Coal transportation system for a new incline: Poland 2008, Marcel Coal Mine. The delivered coal transportation system consists of a B 1400 belt conveyor with an installed power of 3x860kW. This is the longest conveyor currently used in Polish collieries
  • High-performance longwall system: Russia 2008, Baikamskaia Coal Mine. The longwall system has been designed to operate in coal seams with a size of 2.8m up to 5.2m. It has an annual output of 2.5 million tonnes
  • Longwall system: Iran 2003 - 2007, Iran, Tabas Coal Mine. The annual output of the longwall system is 1.5 million tonnes
  • Longwall system: Argentina 2005, Río Turbio Coal Mine. The longwall system has been designed to operate in coal seams with a size of 1.3m up to 2.6m

Remote mine management system

e-mine is a supervisory system managing the coal extraction process from the face to the surface. It consists of compatible and integrated machines and equipment, and an underground IT infrastructure. This is the master system that controls all the processes in the mine. The system is expected to increase the safety of the entire mining process, even under the most difficult geological conditions.

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