Longwall systems manufactured by FAMUR include:

  • Shearer loaders
  • Powered roof supports
  • Conveyors (armoured face conveyors, beam stage loaders)
  • Crushers
  • E-mine system

FAMUR longwall systems are designed to operate in thin, medium and high-coal seams (1m-6m thick). A distinguishing feature of our products is the combination of machines and advanced IT solutions into one consistent system.

FAMUR manufactures both – electric and hydraulic shearer loaders of modular design. The machines are designed to comply with various types of armoured face conveyors with chainless haulage system. FAMUR machines enable bi-directional, pocketless cutting and loading of output. We offer shearer loaders with various drive units, and different types of ranging arms with various cutting drums rotation speed.

FAMUR is an experienced manufacturer of powered roof supports. Our GLINIK and FAZOS brands are globally recognized. Our offer includes a variety of line, transition and face end powered roof supports. Our equipment is able to operate in seams with longitudinal inclination up to 45° and transverse inclination up to 20° with stabilizing devices. FAMUR offers two-leg, four-leg supports with single, double or triple telescopic legs of diameter from 170mm to 500mm, with pad-welded protective designed to enable quick and easy components assembly/disassembly.

Scraper conveyors by FAMUR are available in various types and options depending on customers’ individual needs. The pan route width from 750mm to 1,200mm is adjusted to the mining production level on short and long longwalls, in thin, medium and high coal seams. BSLs are compatible with AFCs and belt conveyors by FAMUR as well as with any conveyors by other manufacturer. Our conveying systems can be equipped with various types of boot ends and can be integrated with lump breakers.

FAMUR offers its original monitoring and diagnostic solution – the e-mine system. The system sets the standard for data exchange process between the longwall system equipment, operator terminals underground and surface supervisory and control system. The communication is based on fiber-optic infrastructure or teletechnical network. The software is based on an OPC standard. The whole is completed by an intuitive, user-friendly visualization application interface.