FAMUR provides transport systems designed for the continuous transport and reloading of various bulk materials and manpower transportation. The systems fully satisfy and rationalize logistic needs of mainly underground and open-pit mines, as well as transshipment terminals, power plants, storage yards and all other companies where continuous transport is applied.

Within this product group, we offer:

  • Complete technological systems for continuous transport of bulk materials
  • Conveyors: belt conveyors (including man-riding conveyors), bucket conveyors, drag conveyors, screw conveyors
  • Complete material and man transportation systems by means of suspended monorail or floor rail system with diesel-powered locomotives or rope winches, track locomotives
  • Complete rail routes for suspended monorail and floor rail systems for rope-driven or diesel-powered locomotives

FAMUR offers e-transport system consisting of control systems integrated with superior control-and-supervision software. The system provides global management of transport processes, export of process data to the ERP systems, an on-line monitoring of machinery operation parameters, identification and localization of transport machines and comprehensive diagnostics of the machinery condition. E-transport system enables checking of belt conveyor drive units condition by measuring and analyzing the vibration level and temperature of rotating elements, detection of damages of gearboxes and pulleys at a very early stage of propagation, repair actions, ensuring continuity of extraction.