FAMUR is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of the roadheading systems for the underground mining, including:

  • Roadheaders
  • Dinting loaders and loaders
  • Bolting and drilling rigs
  • Fixed drilling rigs

FAMUR has in its offer state-of-the-art roadheaders, available in various types and versions. Our machines are designed to drill main galleries in mines as well as to excavate the roadways accessing the face for further exploitation. Special versions of the roadheaders allow to cut rocks in quarries, old concrete foundations, quartzite sands, hard gangues on mine waste dumps and to dig out sands from under the water. Roadheaders by FAMUR are used in civil engineering for building underground garages as well. The machines are designed to make roadways in section from 9.6 up to 43.1m2, in rocks having a compressive strength from 60MPa up to 110MPa.

FAMUR offers roadheaders equipped with drilling-bolting equipment as well as devices used during mounting of the mine roadway supports. Auxiliary machines, such as dinting loaders, loaders, bolting and drilling rigs are used in locations where a high-rate advance of the excavation to be drilled is required. Fixed drilling rigs are applied mainly for drilling methane drainage holes, protection holes, tension relief holes and core holes.