Wire Ropes for Cranes, Open-Pit and Shaft Mining Operations

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CASAR is a subsidiary of WireCo WorldGroup that manufactures, stocks and customises highly engineered rope for applications in the underground mining and crane sectors.

The mining industry relies on being able to access the world's scarce resources in the most cost-effective way possible. WireCo WorldGroup, with its strong mining brands CASAR and UNION, delivers the most durable wire rope products for mining for the appropriate application.

Casar produces rugged hoist, drag and ancillary lines, specialty lifting ropes for deep-shaft mining, and the engineering expertise to extend your reach deeper beneath the surface.

Underground mining ropes

Underground mining becomes more demanding every day as shafts deepen, payloads deepen and speeds quicken. To efficiently hoist materials and personnel from underground, WireCo WorldGroup has developed specialised underground ropes to meet this changing environment.

Ropes under the brand CASAR specialise in this technology, and are the world leader in the manufacture of sophisticated wire rope products for a broad range of lifting applications. In Australia CASAR has established a strong position in the mining industry (more than 50% market share) and is in the process of doing the same in South Africa and other mining countries.

Rope solutions for drum and friction winders include:

  • Turboplast M
  • Turbolift M
  • Starplast M / Starplast VM
  • Mineplast M / Mineplast VM
  • Triangular strands for drum winders

Rope solutions for balance ropes include:

  • Douzeplast M
  • Balance rope 34x7/34x17

Rope solutions for shaft sinking ropes include:

  • Versaplast VM
  • Towerlift M
  • Starlift Plus M

Comprehensive surface mining ropes

Through our UNION brand, WireCo WorldGroup is committed to providing the broadest range of wire and synthetic ropes for all surface mining applications.

Our comprehensive line of surface mining ropes, from hoist ropes and draglines to pendants and engineered solutions, ensures convenient sourcing for all surface mining needs, including specialised applications.

Union offers ropes for shovels and draglines that provide long service life and low-cost of ownership, backed by industry-leading support and training.

UNION has been a supplier of quality ropes since 1959 and produces its products in several locations in the US.

Rope solutions for rope shovels include:

  • Hoist ropes: TUF-MAX
  • Crowd and retract ropes: TUF-MAX C/R
  • Trip ropes: 7-Flex PFV and 6-Strand PFV

Rope solutions for draglines include:

  • Hoist and drag ropes: PowerMax and PowerMax MD
  • Dump ropes: PowerMax

Boom pendants include:

  • ARA-BOOM (Synthetic)

Crane ropes for mining

For more than 100 years, cranes have carried out heavy-lifting tasks using wire rope. On mining sites, it is essential for cranes to efficiently and safely lift and transport heavy loads to maintain the health and safety of the site. CASAR stocks a large variety of ropes that can reliably help cranes execute routine tasks. We stock ropes for mobile cranes, tower cranes, container cranes, float cranes and portal cranes.


CASAR was established in 1948 with the production of the first eight-strand rope, at a time when six-strand ropes were the industry standard. In 2007 CASAR joined WireCo WorldGroup, which provided the company with international standing and access to the most advanced and knowledgeable technical team in wire rope manufacturing.

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