RPMGlobal Specialised Consultancy Services for Mining Applications

RPMGlobal is a worldwide supplier of specialised software, consultancy and advisory services, and professional development and training for the mining industry.

Through the creation and development of integrated solutions, we transform data into information with context. This provides a leading digital platform that seamlessly connects the systems and information while amplifying decision-making across the entire mining value chain.

With more than 50 years of expertise, we take the digital revolution to the next level in the mining industry, fostering intelligent operations and increasing profitability.

Integrated software for the mining industry

At RPMGlobal, we bring a level of standardisation and simplification to our fully integrated software solutions creating transparency, trust and control for our customers.

With high-performance products ranging from enterprise planning and design, to financial budgeting and operations, we continue to provide connected mine solutions that increase visibility, productivity and efficiency across mining operations in all commodities and environments. RPMGlobal’s focus is to deliver an enterprise suite of software products that overcome the common issue of data being data stuck in silos.

The goal is to unlock this data through intuitive user interfaces as combining data from different silos allows more agile decision-making, as well as increase predictability in outcomes, minimise risk and maximise value.

Our Intelligent Mining Suite provides enterprise planning, design and reserving, planning and scheduling. It also offers financial budgeting, execution, asset and equipment maintenance, and simulation capabilities. RPMGlobal also provides software licensing, consulting, implementation and support.

Enterprise planning frameworks for data management

RPMGlobal understands that the key to business success is the ability to make sense of data. We take an intelligent approach by integrating planning, maintenance, simulation, financial and operational systems using our unique Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF).

This framework connects all relevant information that helps organisations to manage operations better and analyse information at hand to accurately and efficiently support specific business goals. When we connect EPF with data from other specialist systems, we start to unlock significant value throughout the company’s core processes.

That it is what we call Intelligent Mining: to release intelligence trapped in your data, allowing agile and trustful interpretation and action.

Consulting and advisory services for mining services

RPMGlobal provides consultancy and advice to governments, financial institutions, insurance brokers, investment funds and global mining organisations. The combination of 50 years of experience and our culture of innovation and expertise ensures that our customers have the best partner to enhance their business practices and outcomes. Moreover, our expertise spans across all key mining regions, methods and commodities worldwide.

We collaborate with mining clients and investment firms to deliver customised and/or independent advice based on our understanding of the forecasts and the industry. In other words, we are solely focused on mining and the economics that surround it, including financial services, mining studies or operational improvements.

This single-minded approach to investment and our understanding of the variables that comprise the risk profile of a project means our compliance reports are trusted by leading financiers, mining houses and the global investment community.

With more than 11,000 studies completed across all major commodities and mining methods, we have found solutions for a wide range of challenges. We have provided expert reports for mining companies listed on almost every major stock exchange around the world, some of which have grown from junior mining companies to blue-chip leaders in the resource industry.

Training for the mining industry

RPMGlobal is the preferred provider of professional development and software training for the mining industry around the world.

Our approach to learning is through discussion, practical workshops and real-life case studies. Introductory and customer-specific training is delivered as part of every implementation to ensure clients optimise their investment.

Accordingly, we currently have five main topics for the courses we administer around the world that include:

  • Mining for non-miners
  • Mining economics
  • Mine planning
  • Asset management

RPM Software, which is explicitly dedicated to each of our software products

About RPMGlobal

RPMGlobal Holdings Limited (ASX: RUL) [RPM] is a global leader in the provision and development of mining software solutions, advisory consulting services and professional development.

With history stretching back to 1968, RPM’s experienced global team are the largest publicly traded independent group of technical experts in the world.

At RPMGlobal we take an intelligent approach to mining by integrating planning, maintenance, simulation, financial and operational systems using our unique Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF).

With contracts and services rendered in 118 countries, we operate out of offices in 20 locations across 11 countries.

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RPMGlobal Brisbane (Head Office)

Level 2, 295 Ann Street


Queensland 4000


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