XPAC Solutions are mine planning software packages that combine RPMGlobal’s (RPM) 40+ years of deep mining expertise with the latest advances in planning technology, mathematics and 3D computational geometry. The benefit of using XPAC Solutions lies in affording the Engineers the ability to respond rapidly to the market maximising output and thus delivering the highest possible shareholder value.

XPAC Solutions is specifically built for different commodities and mining methods.  The XPAC Solutions include: Open Cut Coal Solution, Underground Coal Solution, Steep Coal Solution, Open Pit Metals Solution, Underground Metals Solution, Open Pit Diamond Solution, Oil Sands Solution, Quarry Solution, Stratigraphic Metals Solution, Open Cut Phosphate Solution and the Underground Diamond Solution.

XECUTE is an intrashift to short term scheduling tool that provides planners with the most up-to-date schedule inputs and allows schedule outputs to be automatically pushed to downstream systems. XECUTE enables planners to build an ultra-short-term schedule that’s easy to understand and communicate, closing the loop between planning and operational execution. XECUTE can utilise imported designs or allow planners to create or alter designs in the scene so organisations can select the desired level of design flexibility. The enterprise tool combines RPMGlobal’s proprietary Product Optimiser with a game-inspired 3D interface providing planners with the spatial context for every mine planning decision.